Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish Review


Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish

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What is the most frustrating thing for a woman? It is when she finds out that any particular cosmetics that they bought have expired too soon. Have you ever thought why does this happen? Is it due to the weather condition? Or is it for the improper storage of the product? The answer to all these is No. the main reason for the early expiry of any particular cosmetic is due to its low quality and poor ingredients used to manufacture hat particular product.

Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish

Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish

Nail polish is one of them most important items in cosmetics. It is a belief in many women that a perfect nail polish shade accentuates the appearance and enhances your feminine look and makes you look more delicate as well as glamorous. But do all paints or nail polishes stay in a good condition for a longer period of time? Well it is quite tough to say. As there are many nail paints and other nail polishes that hardly stays intact for more than a couple of months or so.

Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish

Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish

Without cosmetics you may feel unconfident. It is very much annoying, when you find any particular cosmetic is totally useless just exactly at that very particular moment, when you need it the most. Nail polishes are one of such products. It is quite important to keep your nail polish bottles covered at all times. The air tends to thicken the fluid when it comes in contact.

Last week I bought an Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish for myself after going through a magazine advertisement. Have a look into the product.

Product Description

Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish

Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish


Available in attractive promotions, the Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish is available in several shades. The product is available in a small glass bottle a we find the other common nail polish brands. The body of the container contains the product name. The cap come the applicator brush of the bottle has a white texture with pink round dots on it, which makes it look more attractive and catchy. The container is transparent, hence the shade of the nail polish can easily be viewed from outside.

Key Features

The Color Pop Nail Polish has quite a cute appearance, and is available in several color shades. It has quick as well as easy application. And the price of the product is also quite low, as compared to similar products of other brands.

Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish

Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish

Key Ingredients

The package didn’t contain any specific details of the product. Hence the key ingredients of this product are not listed.

Direction for Use

Well I don’t think this part would require much of explanation. We girls are quite well known to the dos and don’ts of applying nail polish or nail paint.

Pros of the color pop Nail Polish

  • Attractive packaging
  • Easy to apply
  • Value for money
  • Gorgeous looks
  • No irritation
  • Dries up fast
  • Glossy finish
    Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish

    Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish

Cons of the Color Pop Nail Polish

  • Rare availability
  • Pink shade clashes with the turquoise
  • Lack of information
  • Product description and list of other information no included.

Will I reuse the product?

Well, the Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish is a value for money product. I was quite happy to use this product. But the lack of basic information about the product makes me a bit worried. But nevertheless, it is a nice product.


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