Etude Perfume Polish Cleansing Review


Etude perfume polish cleansing Review

Hello all you beautiful ladies…!!

How was your day so far? I am down with fever again and so it calls for a holiday at work. And therefore I can pen down a few reviews for all of you today. Before buying the Faces Canada Nail Enamel Remover I used a nail remover from Etude that I bought from a local store. But since it did not do any good to me, I place it somewhere behind my shelf. But I thought why not review it for you ladies today. So that you know what products you can miss out on.

I am a complete nail polish person. You will never find my finger nails without paints. I know what you might be thinking. You will be like doesn’t that harm your nail Tina? Yes, it does. It’s a fact that nail paints shouldn’t be kept for too long otherwise they will weaken your nails and also make them pale. But I take care of my nails as well. I change my nail paints after every 8 to 10 days and take a one day’s break from those beautiful nail polishes. During that break I apply lemon on my nails and before reapplying any other nail paint, I use Sally Hansen Nail Strengthening Polish under my nail paint. I hope this nail tip helps you too. Now getting back to the review, I am reviewing an average nail polish remover from Etude. Read on further to know its detail.

Etude Perfume Polish Cleansing

Etude Perfume Polish Cleansing

Product price and quantity:

Rs 120 for a 90 ml nail polish remover bottle

Shelf life:

3 years



Key ingredients:

Refer the picture below

Etude Perfume Polish Cleansing

Etude Perfume Polish Cleansing




  • Keep away from excessive heat
  • Avoid spraying in eyes
  • Keep out of reach of children


Etude nail polish remover comes in a tall plastic bottle with a green colored screw cap. The bottle is sturdy but leakage is a possibility and so I avoid carrying it anywhere in my bag.

Etude Perfume Polish Cleansing

Etude Perfume Polish Cleansing


The remover is a green colored liquid. It doesn’t smell great and is strong.

Etude Perfume Polish Cleansing

Etude Perfume Polish Cleansing

Pros of Etude perfume polish cleansing:

  • Inexpensive
  • Acetone free
  • Fragranced nail polish remover
  • Long shelf life

Cons of Etude perfume polish cleansing:

  • Takes a lot of effort to remove the nail paints
  • Gets very difficult to remove glitter nail polishes with this remover
  • Very strong smell
  • Low quality
  • Availability
  • A lot of remover is required to remove the nail paints
Etude Perfume Polish Cleansing

Etude Perfume Polish Cleansing

My experience with Etude perfume polish cleansing:

I have had this remover for a very long time now. It’s an average nail paint remover and so has been lying on my shelf for so long. It gives me a hard time removing my glitter nail paints and for the normal colored nail polishes it spoils the surrounding skin near my nails with the paint. I prefer the old Lakme nail polish remover over this one. At least it wasn’t this difficult to work with. The bottle is sturdy but still there is complete chance of the remover to leak from the cap. It did happen to me once while travelling. Hopefully I had put it in my makeup pouch and so I did not spoil my clothes but I surely spoilt the pouch.


I will rate it an average 4 out of 10

Will I recommend this product again?

No. There are better nail paint removers in the market. I am sure you don’t want to be sitting and rubbing your nails vigorously for 15 minutes just to get rid of the nail paint.


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