Eva Glittering Pink Party Mist Reviews


Eva Glittering Pink Party Mist Reviews

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How are you doing today? Today I’m reviewing a product that most wouldn’t even know existed. I myself was unaware of it until 5-6 months back when my sister bought me this cute little glitter mist from the brand EVA. Something like this was completely unexpected from EVA. Eva’s range of deodorant is quite known to us, but a shimmer mist was a complete surprise. Let’s see if it works fine.

Eva Glittering Pink Party Mist

Eva Glittering Pink Party Mist

Product description:

EVA party mist will make you dazzle on an occasion, may it be a party, club or night out. This perfumed body mist will gear you up for all the fun.

Directions for use:

Spray the mist on the neck line and let it dry. You can also use it on the pulse point on hand. If you don’t want to wait until it dries, just rub the liquid a little on the desire area and you will be good to go.

Eva Glittering Pink Party Mist

Eva Glittering Pink Party Mist


Product price:

INR 40


Glittering pink. There are 2 other flavors glittering gold and glittering blue.


The packaging is mini and vacation convenient. It is a sturdy little plastic bottle with a spray pump and cap. The cap fits tightly over the bottle. The packaging has a light pink look with only ‘Eva party mist’ and manufacture date mentioned on it. Otherwise, no other information is provided. The spray nozzle is nice and sprays evenly. I suggest shaking the bottle before application.

Eva Glittering Pink Party Mist

Eva Glittering Pink Party Mist


It’s a fine liquid, a little runny though with very minute shimmer in it. When I spray it, it takes time to dry out completely and what I do is I just rub the liquid after spraying, in nearby area; that way the liquid dries easily and the shimmer is spread over larger area. This spray looks amazing on the neck line. It adds up to the glamour of dresses.

Pros of EVA Glittering Pink Party Mist:

  • Very inexpensive
  • Nice product for party nights
  • Contains very minute shimmer
  • Sweet smell
  • Gives fine shimmery look
  • Can be used anywhere on the body
  • Stays for long
  • Has a spray pump
  • Sleek and mini packaging
  • Travel convenient

Cons of EVA Glittering Pink Part Mist:

  • Takes time to dry
  • Availability
  • Smell doesn’t stay for too long
  • No information is mentioned on the packaging
    Eva Glittering Pink Party Mist

    Eva Glittering Pink Party Mist

My take on EVA Glittering Pink Party Mist:

I have used one shimmer mist from simple pleasures that I reviewed earlier. This one is another shimmer body mist that my sister got for me from a local store. It’s from EVA, a brand known much for its range of deodorants. I din know of this mist till she got it for me. We girls fall in love at first sight with all miniature things, don’t we?

I own the mist in Glittering Pink flavor. Glittering pink smells of sweet vanilla which is strong and lingers on for around an hour or two. Minute shimmer particles are visible in the bottle itself. They are beautiful pink shimmer and are very tiny. The consistency of the content is fine; it’s neither too thick nor too runny.

Since it is a mist, the smell only stays for some time after which it fades, so I usually wear my Eau De Parfum too for long hour parties. Overall, it’s a nice inexpensive product to try and own.

Eva Glittering Pink Party Mist

Eva Glittering Pink Party Mist


I will rate it 7.5 out of 10

Whether I recommend this product or not?

Yes, after I completely run out of this one I will like to try another variant. After all it’s so inexpensive to own all 3 of them. There is a pack of 3 available on some site online, so maybe I would purchase that next.


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