Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream Reviews


Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream Reviews

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How are you doing today? I hope you had a blissful weekend. Mine was a long one as I was home this weekend. Finally IPL ended, it was such an entertainment for this two months. I was a RCB supporter but they didn’t make it to the finals either.

Anyways, getting to today’s review. Today again I am going to review a product from Fabindia. Yesterday I reviewed the charcoal face scrub from this brand house which was a hit. Let’s see if this acne control cream is also a hit or not. Acne is a common problem for most of girls and we all have tried from kitchen tips and tricks to medical creams. Read on to know if you should give this one a try or miss it.

Product description:

Refer picture

Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream

Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream

Product price and quantity:

Rs 150 for 50 ml

Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream

Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream

Shelf life:

36 months from manufacture


Check picture

Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream

Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream



Fabindia clove acne control cream comes in the usual tub packaging which a screw cap. Most of Fabindia’s products come in such tubs which are unhygienic to use. The tub is covered with a light green colored wrapper which has all the necessary information about the product on it.


Clove acne control cream is a gel based cream which spreads easily over the face. It has a creamy consistency and is whitish in color. The texture isn’t runny nor thick, just the right consistency.

Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream

Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream

Skin type that this cream will suit:

It will suit beauties with oily and combination skin, but I suggest dry and sensitive skin beauties to give this a miss as it will further add to the dryness.

Pros of Fabindia acne control clove cream :

  • Easy to apply and mess-free
  • Budget friendly
  • Contains clove oil, tea tree oil and seabuckthorn oil
  • Its gel based texture isn’t runny
  • Lightens the acne spots to quite an extent
  • Travel friendly
  • Long shelf life
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Against animal testing
  • Little quantity lasts a long time

Cons of Fabindia acne control clove cream :

  • Burns when applied initially
  • Overpowering clove smell
  • Needs patience, the results are slow
  • Not easily absorbed by the skin
  • Makes the skin dry
Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream

Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream

My experience with Fabindia acne control clove cream :

I have combination skin and don’t face frequent breakouts but a few pimples here and there are common for all girls. However, I do have a few spots around my cheek area. I picked up this product from Fabindia 2 months back. It is advised to use it twice a day but I limit the usage to once daily. I apply this cream before sleeping in the night and let it to dry for the entire night.

This cream does feel strong on the skin initially. It burns the skin and the area to which you apply it becomes very dry and flaky. The clove like smell is very strong and lingers over for long. After applying when I massage the cream on the face, it feels refreshing and cool. However, it takes a lot of time for it to get completely absorbed.

I have been using this cream for long now and have observed that my spots from past has lightened a bit. A little quantity of this cream is needed and therefore one jar of this cream will last for very long. When massaging the cream use a light hand on it because a harsh massage will create rashes on the face. So be gentle with its application. Also, I suggest doing a patch test before starting to use this cream because not everybody will be able to bare the burning sensation that the cream causes initially.


I will rate it 7.5 out of 10

Do I recommend it?

Yes, do give this cream a try and be patient to see the results.


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  • ridhima

    worst cream i have ever used :(

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    is it actually effective on dark spots?

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    Looking forward to try it

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    it burns a lot on the skin :(