Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush Review


Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush Review

Hello my beautiful friends..!!!

I am having the time of my life this year. So many weddings and events and so many reasons to get my hands on all the latest and fabulous products in the market.

I have been using mists for fragrance rather than deodorants or perfumes lately as I found them to be easy and light on my skin and also long lasting.

Fab India has always been one of my got to brands and obliviously the moment I saw a body spray on the counter I couldn’t resist!

I have a very old and steady relation with Fabindia as a brand, I have tried a lot of its products and I must state here that I have loved most of them. The products are natural and brilliant.

I am going to list down few of my favorite products from this brand. Please read more about them to know all there is about each of these brilliant and efficient products!

  1. Fabindia Charcoal Face Scrub
  2. Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream
  3. Fabindia Neem Tulsi Mud Pack
  4. Fabindia Neem Tulsi Skin Toner
  5. Fabindia Honey and Frankincense Face Wash
  6. Fabindia Sea buckthorn after Bath Oil

This brands truly represents trust and excellence.

My today’s review is on a product that right now is on top of my favorite product list. It is called the Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush. I have been carrying this little bottle with me everywhere I go.

The body spray is so easy to use and smells great.

Let’s get into the details now….

Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush

Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush

Product Description of Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush

According to the Manufacturers:

Get fresh all over with the fragrance of this body spray that leaves skin instantly revitalized and keep you feeling fresh.

Direction for Use

Remove the top cover and spray the mist where you deem fit.

It is advisable to spray it on your wrists and behind your ears for long lasting fragrance.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Flammable until it is dry. Avoid spraying in eyes or on sensitive skin. For external use only. Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Natural ingredients may cloud or separate, this does not affect the quality or efficacy of the product.

Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush

Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush


Shelf Life

36 months or 3 years from the date of manufacturing

Price & Quantity

INR 225; 100 ml

Skin Type

This body spray does not cause any kind of skin irritation or reaction and thus is safe to be used by all skin types.


The packaging for Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush is actually adorable. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle. The packaging is yellow in combination but that varies from fragrance to fragrance.

The packaging is light and easy to travel with. I carry it with me all the time!

Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush

Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush


The texture is very much water like and so is the look. Feels cool on the skin on application.

Smells refreshing. I loved the fragrance.

Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush

Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush

Key Ingredients

  • Alcohol Denat,
  • H.T,
  • Water,
  • Fragrance,
  • Polyethylene Glycol,
  • FD&C Blue 2 (73015)

Pros Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush

  • Easily available in both Fabindia outlets as well as on the internet
  • Reasonable in price
  • Good quality
  • Lasts long
  • Really amazing and fresh fragrance
  • Adorable packaging
  • Travel friendly

Cons Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush

None for me! 

My Experience with Fabindia Body Spray Citrus Rush

I had a great time with this product. It actually became an Indispensable part of me.

I am looking forward to try all the other fragrances from this range.



Whether I would recommend this product again:

Absolutely Yes!


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