Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack Review


Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack Review

Hello guys..!!! hope you all are doing good. Last week as usual i decided to pay a visit to the shop of one of my favorite brands Fabindia, I love all their products especially their de-pigmentation creams also their toners, enough of all other stuff. So this time i found this awesome product called Fabindia clove gel face pack, which i am going to review for you today. Summers in mumbai are awful, also almost all weathers are more or less hot only. So pimples are a constant issue, so for all those beauties out there who face this issue, read on to know why this product is a must have for you.

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Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

Product description of Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

Made with Clove oil this gel face pack helps control excess secretion of sebum from the skin thereby reducing acne and blemishes. It is excellent for oily skin.


INR 150

Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack


Directions for use

Avoiding the eye area, apply the pack and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water and pat dry.


Coming to the packaging, almost all Fabindia creams come in tub packaging, that is the only thing i hate about fab india products. I hate tub packaging, because they are very unhygienic you have to keep dipping your finger again and again also there ain’t any spatula provided. Overall the packaging is quite simple nothing fancy here, it is travel friendly and there won’t be any spillage issues with this packaging

But i wish and pray and request Fab India to change its packaging.

Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack 


The consistency of this face pack is kinda gooey, it is transparent in color, also it dries up quickly compared to other face packs.

Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

Pros of Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

  • lives upto all its claims
  • controls oil
  • affordable
  • more quantity

cons of Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

  • comes in a tub packaging
  • washing it off is not pleasant at all , as it becomes gooey
  • the smell might be strong for some

Key Ingredients

Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

My Experience with Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

My experience with this face pack is quite good .As soon as i open the lid , a strong clove and cinnamon y smell washes me  over, it a very strong smell for all those out there with sensitive nose. It does not feel gooey sticky or stretchy after application, it just gets soaked up in the skin, so no uncomfortable feeling at all. When i used this i had just some small pimples on my cheek, i hoped that they will be cured instantly, but after washing the face pack my pimples looked no better, but after some time i did see visible difference in the texture and look of my skin, my skin looked visibly clear and felt soft also this face pack controlled the oil on my face to a greater extent. after applying it i did feel a tingling and hot sensation on my face, but after than it felt cool on my skin. I  also use this as an overnight mask, and my skin looks amazing in the morning, but it depends on your skin type, so please see if it suits you for an overnight mask first then only use it.

So according to me if you are looking for a quick fix to your pimples then this one is not for you it’s better for you to invest in a spot treatment mask or cream. But if you are looking for a decent face pack for oily skin which will control oil and will work on your pimples slowly and steadily then this one is for you.

Rating for Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack


Would I Recommend Fabindia Clove Gel Face Pack

yes i would definitely recommend this to all the oily skinned beauties, and dry skinned beauties with pimple issues can definitely use this as a spot treatment.


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  • shruti

    hate such tub packaging 🙁

  • Akshita

    fabindia has such a standard packaging man … tired of the tubs :/

  • veronica

    does it reduce spots?

  • preeti

    nicely reviewed !!