Fabindia Seabuckthorn after Bath Oil Review


Fabindia Seabuckthorn after Bath Oil Review

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How are you doing today? The sweater weather is finally here. It’s getting chillier in my city each passing day. I can’t deny but I love winter. Coming to today’s post. Today I am penning down a review to save your money and warn you from buying a product that you certainly don’t need and won’t use.

This review is about a product from Fabindia. Well I am not a great fan of this brand but I have used a few products from its line like the charcoal face scrub and acne control clove cream. The review today is about a Seabuckthorn after bath oil. Let me first throw some light on what Seabuckthorn is. Seabuckthorn are herbs best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also prevents aging and is good for healing skin. It keeps the skin hydrated while preventing acne. Now that you know a little about Seabuckthorn, let’s move towards the detailed review.

Fabindia Seabuckthorn after Bath Oil

Fabindia Seabuckthorn after Bath Oil

Product description:

Rich in vitamins and nutrients, this seabuckthorn oil is easily absorbed and is known for its skin nourishing and revitalizing properties. Regular use helps prevent wrinkles and dryness.

Product price and quantity:

Rs 275 for 200 ml

Fabindia Seabuckthorn after Bath Oil

Fabindia Seabuckthorn after Bath Oil


Shelf life:

36 months

How to use:

Simply pour out some oil on your palms after pat drying the body and massage it on the body. The oil will take some while to get absorbed so make sure you massage for at least 5 minutes.


The oil comes in a tall plastic see-through bottle with a white screw cap and a huge outflow gap covered with a plastic partition to control the quantity you want to pour out. It was seal packed when I bought. The bottle has a paper sticker wrapped around it with details. It’s a standard Fabindia packaging. The bottle is very tall to carry it in the bag.

Fabindia Seabuckthorn after Bath Oil

Fabindia Seabuckthorn after Bath Oil


Has an oily texture that doesn’t gets absorbed easily. The smell is very unpleasant and is orange in color as can be seen in the pictures. This oil gives my skin a nice shiny glow but feels oily.

Key ingredients:

Kindly refer the given below picture

Fabindia Seabuckthorn after bath oil

Fabindia Seabuckthorn after bath oil

Pros of Fabindia Seabuckthorn after bath oil:

  • Gives a nice shine to skin
  • Hydrates the skin well
  • Inexpensive
  • Decent quantity
  • Contains the benefits of Seabuckthorn oil
  • Has a long shelf life of 36 months

Cons of Fabindia Seabuckthorn after bath oil:

  • Unattractive and simple packaging
  • Can’t be carried in bags
  • Has a strong unpleasant smell
  • Takes time to get absorbed
  • Feels oily on the skin

My experience with Fabindia Seabuckthorn after bath oil:

When I first opened the product I was so disappointed with its smell that I decided right away that this product will go waste unused. It took the almond oil a good 5 minutes to get absorbed in my skin. And it felt oily and stinky on my skin. Applying it is smooth and gives a nice shine to the dry skin. It also kept my skin hydrated but I can’t stand its smell which lingers around for quite some time. So this product is a complete miss. Any normal moisturizer can do the job that this oil does.


I will rate it a poor 3 out of 10

Will I recommend this after bath oil again?

Not at all. As I said in the start of this review, this review is to save your money and warn you from buying this product. I have used this oil just once and it has been eating dust in my stash of products ever since then. So do yourself a favor and give this product a miss.


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