Faces Glam on Powder Blush Review


Faces Glam on Powder Blush

Hello my beauties,

For the longest time I have only used cream blushes, because of my skin tone. I was recently introduced to the faces powder blush by a friend and I have enjoyed using it. I thought I should do the same for you guys and introduce you to a product that is great value for money and works well too.

About Faces glam on powder blush

Product description: This highly-pigmented powder formula allows gives a long lasting colour without fading or drying. Its powdery texture complements all skin tones and well when blended properly. The Faces glam on powder blush comes in 6 variants, all of which provide an added tint to your cheeks.

The Faces glam on powder blush is a nice pigmented face blush that has good staying power. The blush comes in a few different colours that are easily usable on Indian skin tones. I use the product in a bright corally pink shade, called burnt sienna. This colour is great for a night out or a day wear, if used sparingly.

Faces Glam on Powder Blush

Faces Glam on Powder Blush

Faces glam on powder blush comes with only a shimmer option, no matte finish colours. The shimmer is quite pigmented, but can be toned down with the right blending technique.

Ingredients of the faces glam on powder blush: Talc, Mica, Kaolin, Zinc Stearate, Methyl paraben, Bismuth oxychloride, Phenyl Trimethicone, Color.

Faces Glam on Powder Blush

Faces Glam on Powder Blush

The faces glam on powder blush comes in a 3.5 or 4g round flat blush palette that is priced at Rs.399 and Rs.449 respectively. The blush has a shelf life of 3 year from the date of manufacture.

I have a pale complexion and colour usually show up too bright on my face. The faces blush looks highly pigmented and I was initially a little weary about picking up the product, but once I tried a sample and saw how easily it blends into the skin, I was sold. The blush is not something I would recommend for daily wear because of the shimmer quotient, which is very high.

Faces glam on powder blush is very affordable and due to the pigmented colours, it is great value for money. The blush has a silky texture that is smooth on the skin. It blends well and stays for up to 6 hours. I used it during a party and even after all the jumping and dancing the blush was still intact. So, kudos to faces for that.

Pros of faces glam on powder blush

Good staying power

Great value for money

Soft and smooth texture

Highly pigmented

Easily blends into the skin

Even finish

Faces Glam on Powder Blush

Faces Glam on Powder Blush


Cons of Faces glam on powder blush

Only has shimmer option

Tends to look too pigmented, if you are not careful

Limited availability of colours

Not easily available in makeup stores

Will I recommend the faces glam on powder blush?

I have been using this product for a few months now and I have had a pretty good experience using it. The staying power is great and the packaging is convenient to carry around in a makeup bag. I would rate this blush at 7/10.

Faces Glam on Powder Blush

Faces Glam on Powder Blush

I would have preferred a few more colour options and the option of picking up the colours in a matte finish. The shimmer adds too much sparkle for everyday wear.

So, do take out the time to buy and use this product and feel free to comment below and let me know, what your experience of using the product has been.

Until next time, stay happy and think beautiful.


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    The pigmentation looks moderate in the swatch …

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    Nice detailed post…..!!!

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    does it fall out while applying??

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    A little expensive as compared to other brands !