Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash Reviews


Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash Reviews

Hello pretty women.. I really wish you are having a great day, so far. The product that I am going to talk about today is a face wash from fair and lovely. A few products and brands that have been in the market for as long as I can remember. Fair & lovely, Lux, Charmis etc are a few of them that have sustained through all these years with minimal changes probably because of the trust factor people have in their name. However, fair and lovely has evolved over time and they have made a few changes here and there and introduced some variants in their classic fairness cream, have introduced one or two face-washes and also have recently launched a BB cream ( Reviewed here )

I do not look out for fairness when I buy fair and lovely products since, frankly speaking, nothing can actually change your basic complexion. Following a good skincare regime with the right kind of products that suit your skin and of course, taking a nutritious diet can help you in maintaining a glowing, non patchy complexion. Only bleach based products can actually make you fairer shade wise. As per me, there is no need to go that harsh on your skin. Let us read below to know about this fair & lovely face-wash that I recently picked.

Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash

Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash

Product description

Fair & lovely advanced multivitamin face wash claims to cleanse your skin and get rid of settled impurities to make your appear fairer instantly. It makes your skin Softer and brighter.

Directions of use

Massage on wet face and lather. Rinse off. Use twice a day with Fair and lovely multi vitamin cream for best results.


55 for 50 grams

Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash

Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash


Shelf life

2 Years

Skin type

Normal to oily skin types. Dry skin types can avoid it since, it mattefies the skin.


A classic fair and lovely Off white tube with a Pink coloured cap. The cap can be screwed close. Squeeze the tube to dispense the product. The tube is leakage proof and easy to carry.


Thick texture so, you need a little more than a pea sized amount to wash your face properly.

Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash

Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash

Pros of Fair and lovely multivitamin face wash

  • Leak proof tube
  • Travel friendly and light weight tube
  • very economical so, everyone can afford
  • Smells mild so does not irritate your nose and make you sneeze
  • Pleasant smell
  • Great for normal to oily skin
  • lathers well
  • only a coin sized amount needed for one face wash
  • Removes dirt and extra oil
  • makes complexion matte so, good for summer season
  • controls oil on T zone for an hour two
  • refreshes skin
  • did not give me allergies
  • easy to rinse off

Cons of Fair and lovely multivitamin face wash

  • No drawback as such
  • The fairness claim is false, as very much expected.

Key ingredients

multi vitamins

Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash

Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash

My experience with Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash

There is no complaint that I have with this face wash, if , I look at it from a regular, daily- use kind of a face wash. This cleans my face well and also removes oils form skin that are excess. To use in summers, this good as it keeps my T zone oil free for a good amount of time. It smells nice too and refreshes me early morning with its sweet smell. It is very pocket friendly since, one, the price is pretty affordable and second, you need very less quantity for a single face wash due to it’s thick texture.

It does not change your complexion at all it just gives an illusion of brighter face, temporarily. As such, I did not experience any skin problems after I used this face wash regularly. Though, it stretches out my skin a bit after rinsing with cool water. So, it is a must to follow it with a face lotion.

Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash

Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Face Wash


4 on 5

Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, I will buy this again.


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  • Tulsi

    Tried it but didnt work on my dry skin :(

  • Kripa

    using it since 3 months..good product

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    Is it gentle on the skin? i have sensitive skin !

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    nicely reviewed