FAIR & LOVELY Anti Marks Reviews


FAIR & LOVELY anti marks Reviews – Fairness for pimple prone skin

Hi guys hope you all doing well…!! Summers are here and so are pimples, tanning and insanely oily skin. I was never fooled by all these fairness creams but the only solution to my acne scars was using a fairness cream so that it will help me even out my skin tone. So when I saw that fair and lovely had designed a special product for pimple prone skin I decided to try it. So let’ see how it faired.

FAIR & LOVELY Anti Marks

FAIR & LOVELY Anti Marks

Product Description of FAIR & LOVELY anti marks

When you see a pimple, do you fear that more will come? One pimple spot is an indication of more to come.New Fair & Lovely Anti Marks has a breakthrough Spot-Block system that not just fades current pimple spots but also prevents them from coming back. It also blocks dark pigments and prevents them from spreading anymore.

Direction for Use

Use twice daily on cleansed face for best results

Shelf Life

3 years

FAIR & LOVELY Anti Marks

FAIR & LOVELY Anti Marks


Price & Quantity

Rs.90 for 50g

Skin Type

For pimple prone skin


It comes in a plastic tube format packaging with a nozzle and screw on cap. The plastic used is so awful, it crumbles up so badly causing the spillage of the product and you don’t even need to apply heavy pressure so that it crumbles, even the slightest amount of pressing causes the product to spill, which creates an utter mess on the nozzle. So the packaging is not a least bit travel friendly plus it is not transparent so you are not able to gauge the amount of product left in the tube.

FAIR & LOVELY Anti Marks

FAIR & LOVELY Anti Marks


The texture of this cream is very thick and creamy. You just need pea sized amount, also the consistency is very difficult to work with, it leaves a whitish layer on my face which looks pretty ugly.

FAIR & LOVELY Anti Marks

FAIR & LOVELY Anti Marks

Key Ingredients

water, stearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, glyceryl mono-stearate, isohexadecane, decyl oleate, vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), polyacrylamide and C-13-C14 isoparaffin laurth-7, titanium dioxide, octyl methoxy dibenzoyl methane, ammonium acryloyl dimethyl taurate co-polymer, vitamin E, aloe vera concentrate, preservatives, skin conditioners, coloring, perfume

Pros of FAIR & LOVELY anti marks

  • Nothing apart from the fact that, fair and lovely thought of developing a fairness cream specially for pimple prone skin

Cons of FAIR & LOVELY anti marks

  • Does not live upto its claims
  • No fairness effect
  • Leaves horrible whitish cast
  • Causes pimples
FAIR & LOVELY Anti Marks

FAIR & LOVELY Anti Marks

My Experience with FAIR & LOVELY anti marks

This is the worst cream I have ever purchased it till date. Due to its improper packaging I had to wash my makeup pouch for over three times to get completely rid of the ugly spillage in it. It’s been almost two weeks since I started using it. I have oily skin so summers are a curse for me, these are the times when, due to extra oiliness I suffer from pimples which then leave those horrible scars. I used to use this cream at night before sleeping, on the second day I woke up with a horrible pimple, I thought it was du to my skin and dint blame the cream but when the same thing happened on third day I was pretty sure that it was because of the cream. I instantly decided to discontinue it. Coming to the application part as it is very thick it leaves a whitish cast on my face which stays on my face for almost 4 hours so it is pretty obvious you can’t use this cream during daytime unless you want to go for a Halloween daytime party.



One point only because fair and lovely thought of fairness cream for pimple prone skin

Whether I would recommend FAIR & LOVELY anti marks

You can easily guess what my answer will be after reading my experience. I use the rest cream on my feet just because I don’t like throwing away products unused. It has been two weeks since I use it on my feet but there is no teeny weenie bit of fairness nor has it worked at all on my tanning which I hoped the least this cream would do.


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  • candyyy

    it breaks out my skin too :(

  • bhavna

    i have oily skin.. will it work for me?

  • aaditi

    useless product !

  • neha

    will skip this one 😀

  • serizawa1807

    I guess it varies for different people because it works great on me. Its smell is quite pleasant and it gives me that ‘dewy’ look.