FCUK Pure Body Lotion Product Reviews


FCUK Pure Body Lotion Product Reviews

Hello ladies, How is life.. tell me what’s new.. We love to read your comments. Today, I would be talking to you about a very tempting body lotion from The French connection, UK. This one is particularly good for winters due to its rich and luxurious texture. However, the skin on my arms and feet is dry and there is only a small amount left now so and I plan on using it up now so, I do not mind using this. I am in love with its smell. Do read further in order to know more about this lovely body lotion.

FCUK Pure Body Lotion Product

FCUK Pure Body Lotion Product

Product description

The rich texture of this body lotion provides your skin an ultimate hydration that lasts for hours together. It makes your skin well-nourished and moisturized. It has been enriched with goodness of Vitamin E and other natural oils like coconut oil and jojoba oil. It has an amazing fragrance made with the blends of vanilla, floral, pepper and violet notes.

Directions for usage

Apply after bath on damp skin that has been pat dried with a towel so that the hydration gets locked in your skin.


300 ml for 5 pounds

FCUK Pure Body Lotion Product

FCUK Pure Body Lotion Product

Shelf life

2 years


This body lotion from FCUK comes in a plastic bottle that has a screw open cap with a fitted pump dispenser. For one application throughout the body, four to five spurts of this lotion are enough due to its rich texture.


It has a thick texture and it melts and fully absorbs into skin on massaging. I was really surprised that it leaves behind to signs of greasiness once, it is fully absorbed.

FCUK Pure Body Lotion Product

FCUK Pure Body Lotion Product


Skin type synopsis

All skin types

Pros of FCUK pure body lotion

  • amazing smell with notes of oriental smells like pepper, vanilla and violet
  • Absorbs into skin like butter
  • not at all greasy
  • non sticky
  • suitable for all skin types
  • hydrates skin
  • long lasting moisturization
  • pump dispenser is hygienic
  • dispenser can be locked
  • travel friendly
  • no skin irritation
  • contains goodness of coconut oil and jojoba oils

Cons of FCUK pure body lotion

  • quite expensive so, heavy on pocket
  • not readily available in india

Key ingredients

vitamin E, coconut oil and jojoba oil .. refer image for details

FCUK Pure Body Lotion Product

FCUK Pure Body Lotion Product

My experience with FCUK pure body lotion

You would be able to make out by now that this is a lovely body lotion that any girl with any skin type can use to make her skin look healthy and nourished. It is very convenient to wear in day as well as night due to the rich nourishment it provides and its non sticky nature. It smells really good and the smell does linger on for some time which is absolutely wonderful. Another good part is the goodness of vitamin E, coconut oil and jojoba oil that this body lotion provides to your skin. The pump dispenser is really hygienic as you do not have to dip your fingers into a jar or something. This body lotion has lasted me through the entire winters and some amount of it is still left as due to it’s extremely rich and creamy texture, you actually need very less of this product for your entire body.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

I am in love with its smell and am definitely looking forward to buy another bottle in spite of its higher price.


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