Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower Gel Review


Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower Gel Review

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I am a lover of body washes. I don’t remember since how long I have been using them. And since the first time when I used shower gels I have become a big fan of them. I just love how luxurious, beautiful and rich it makes our skin. I love the soft lather feel of the body washes. As far as I remember I have been using body wash since years. And since that time I have used a number of body wash. Mostly from drugstore brands. But trust me my experience has been nothing short of heavenly with the drugstore body washes even. Actually I am on a mission to figure that how many different kind of body wash can our drugstore brands offer. Have a look at some other body washes like – Biotique Bio Honey Cream Rejuvenating Body Wash, Olay age defying body wash and Nivea crème soft cream shower body wash. So, here is my another body wash from the house of fiama di wills.

Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower Gel

Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower Gel

Product description –

Enliven your senses with the intense fragrance of invigorating musk with passion swirls. Indulge in new fiama di wills men invigorating musk shower gel with passion swirls. It enliven your senses with its invigorating masculine fragrance, specially crafted for men. Its micro gel conditioners formula deep hydrates and removes excess oil for youthful looking skin.

Price :

Rs.195 for 250 ml.

Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower Gel

Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower Gel



The fiama di wills body wash has a very rustic look to it. It comes in a brown big tube. The tube is of plastic material and it is heavy completely loaded with the body wash. So, I have a feeling that if by mistake I ended up dropping the bottle then the bottle might crack or worse change shape. The bottle is transparent which easily shows the amount of product inside the bottle. The bottle has a flip flop opening which is quite easy to use. It has a tiny hole in the middle which ensures that a little amount only comes out of the bottle. This ensures the economy of the body wash. The packaging has detailed description which is quite informative. But since the bottle is quite large and heavy it is not travel friendly for me.

Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower Gel

Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower Gel


The shower gel has a rich and thick texture. It is light orange in colour with tiny granules in it. It has more of a thick gel like texture. The texture requires a lot of water to get dissolved. Because of the rich texture it can be slightly heavy on skin if used in more quantity than actually required.  Texture wise the body wash requires more water to get dissolved on loofah. So, make sure you take a little quantity only.

Key Ingredients

Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower Gel

Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower Gel

Pros of Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower gel

  1. Drugstore brand
  2. Easy on pocket
  3. Lasts long
  4. Available online as well as offline
  5. Gives clean luxurious feeling to skin

Cons of Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower gel

  1. More amount can make skin sticky

My experience with Fiama Di Wills Men Invigorating Musk Shower gel

After you apply on skin you can feel the tiny granules in the scrub. But the granules are not quite effective in scrubbing. Actually in terms of scrubbing I would rate this body wash 1 out of 5. The scrubbing properties are quite poor. So, you might end up feeling not fully clean. Also, if you apply a bit more scrub and less water you will end up feeling sticky. So, take care while using this one.

Since it’s a thick texture a little product lasts quite long. So, a single bottle even with daily usage will easily last 3-4 months which is pretty good for me given the price paid. Another USP with these body wash is that since it is thick you can easily skip your moisturizer atleast in summer. For winters use body lotions like Joy honey and almond nourishing body lotion and Himalya herbals cocoa butter intensive body lotion. And I feel if you are lucky enough to eave in places where you don’t have dry winters the you can skip the body lotions completely. Fragrance wise it smells of chemicals and lemon. The fragrance is fresh and soothing to nose.

Rating –


Whether I would recommend this product to others –

Overall, this body scrub is average for me if used in proper quantity. So, in the morning make sure you are fully attentive before using this one.


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