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Fogg Deo Review – The Best Indian Deodorant Spray

Hello, all you fashionoholics!! Wondering which dress to put on for the next office party! Or maybe you have a date round the corner, so, have you planned what you are going to wear? I am sure you would like to stand out among the crowd in the party or would live to make the best of impressions to your date! But, is it all about your clothes? Certainly not! It’s true that clothes add that extra spark to your personality.


But, there is something that could take away all the charm of yours. Any idea what I am talking about? I think you have guessed it right! It’s the body odor I am talking about. Trust me; I have seen the best looking guys being rejected, just because they stink! Now, you can’t blame the natural outcome of your entire day’s labor at you office or college. It is bound to happen. So, is there any way to prevent the inevitable and be more presentable? Certainly there is!  Use nice and long lasting deodorant sprays! There are many available in the market. However, you need to choose the best that would serve your purpose and don’t burn your pocket.


There are brands around who claims to be the best. But, once you press the spray, you will find less smell and more vapor coming out of them! So, what would be your best choice? Undoubtedly it has to be the best brand in the market! It is Fogg deodorant spray I am talking about.


Product Description

Today, Fogg is considered to be the leading deodorant spray for men. These are available in 120 ml pack. It has a royal fragrance. It does contain a certain percentage of alcohol; however, the alcohol content is never allowed to go beyond a certain limit that might affect your skin. All the deodorants have certain salient features. One of them is residue and white marks. Fogg deodorant is no exception. The best part about Fogg deo is its capability to last really long. They contain certain anti odor ingredients which help them to maintain the refreshing smell for a long time. This deo is available in different smells and the company assures you at least 1000 sprays per bottle!


  • Ingredients

Fogg deo for men are made of the following ingredients.

a)      Triclosan

b)      Fragrance

c)      Propylene Glycol

d)      Alcohol, and

e)      Diethylphthalate.

Fogg deo has been widely accepted by the younger generation and the middle class. This goes to show, that they are quite affordable. One of the important factors that distinguish it from the other brands is that Fogg deo does not contain any sort of gas.


If you want to add that masculine flavor to your personality, then the combo pack of Fogg deo would be ideal for you. This combo pack consist of three different types

i)                    Napoleon

ii)                  Marco, and

iii)                Royal

Fogg is an Indian company and has posed serious competition to some renowned international brands. The reputation of this brand has been rewarded with export orders from many Asian and European countries as well.

So, now that you know why exactly you should be using Fogg deo, go ahead and grab one! You can even gift this to your boy friend, husband or your brother and make them feel more confident and comfortable with their presence.

Enjoy your parties and happy dating.


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