Fresh Minerals Twisted Minds Loose Eyeshadow Reviews


Fresh Minerals Twisted Minds Loose Eyeshadow Reviews

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How is life? Must be enjoying that’s why looking for some good and trendy products, right? Well, cosmetics is a part of us, especially we girls, who can’t even think going out without makeup. Just a kajal or lip gloss is also needed, while we go out somewhere near too, and I think you all will agree with me.

I am going to review a product by Fresh Minerals. This brand is becoming famous in India too, through all the big online portals selling them. The twisted mind loose eyeshadow is the product that is going to be reviewed by me today. So, let’s get started with this…….

Fresh Minerals Twisted Minds Loose Eyeshadow

Fresh Minerals Twisted Minds Loose Eyeshadow

Product Description

Well, describing a product like this, is itself an honour that gives your eye lids a special effect and makes your eyes look amazingly beautiful. The eyeshadow is in a powdered form and it can be applied with wet brush and can be used as an eyeliner too. The dust that is the eyeshadow powder spreads easily on the eyelids and gives a gorgeous look. The back of the jar, has all the information’s needed about the product.

Directions of Use

With the help of a slender and thick brush, apply the loose eyeshadow on your eyelids and spread it evenly. If you want to use it as an eyeliner, then wet your brush and dab in the dust and apply it.

Shelf Life

The expiry date is not mentioned, though all the branded products are expired 3 years from the manufacturing date.

Fresh Minerals Twisted Minds Loose Eyeshadow

Fresh Minerals Twisted Minds Loose Eyeshadow



$9.60 for 1.5g.

Skin Type

For all skin types.


The product packaging of this brand is always awesome, as it comes in a small pet jar, with a screw cap. The eyeshadow is in loose formation that is why the screw cap, prevents it from dropping. The back of the jar has the ingredients printed on it, with the weight and the product name and colour. It has website address too, from which you can see the products and buy too.


The texture of the eyeshadow is amazingly awesome. Its smoothness makes each apply lovable.

Fresh Minerals Twisted Minds Loose Eyeshadow

Fresh Minerals Twisted Minds Loose Eyeshadow

Key Ingredients

Mica, Bismuth Ox chloride, Boron Nitride, silica.

May Contain: Iron Oxides, Titanium dioxide, Ultra marines, Carmine.

Pros of Fresh Minerals Twisted Mind Loose Eyeshadow

  • It has a smooth finish.
  • It is applied very easily.
  • It has a fine powder dust.
  • The colours of the loose eyeshadows are awesome.
  • It does not leak.

Cons of Fresh Minerals Twisted Minds Loose Eyeshadow

  • For a darker shade, some layers has to be applied.
Fresh Minerals Twisted Minds Loose Eyeshadow

Fresh Minerals Twisted Minds Loose Eyeshadow

My Experience with Fresh Minerals Twisted Mind Loose Eyeshadow

My experience with this product is awesome and I love this loose eyeshadow, more than the compressed ones, as this gives me a perfect look. You just need a good brush that’s it. My eyes look even much better than the normal eyeshadows that I apply. It does not take much time, as it needs no rubbing of brush on the eyeshadow cake, for applying. So, in a way, it saves time too.


I would give 4.4 out of 5.

Recommendation about the Product:

Recommending this product will be sharing a beauty secret with all of you, and I will never mind in sharing some amazing cosmetics that adds glamour to all my friends. It is one of the amazing products that I have been using lately, and I can’t stop myself from applying this, where ever I go. It is best for the working ladies too, as the colours are light and it needs very less time in applying. So beauties, why not try one of these loose eyeshadows and pamper yourself.


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