Fruit of the earth neem and rosemary cream pack


Fruit of The Earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack

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Fruit of the Earth range of products works on the concept of activating the body from within. It heals and rejuvenates from the inside by achieving the fine natural balance of five fundamental elements – space, air, fire, water & earth within the body. Exotic herbs, natural extracts and fragrances sourced from India and abroad have been used as ingredients to develop break-through formulations that preserve and enhance the beauty of an individual naturally.  I know it sounds very corny, but truth is they do deliver on their promises.

Fruit of The Earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack

Fruit of The Earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack

Product Description:

A perfectly balanced blend of natural clay and herbs, with extracts of neem, rosemary and brahmi helps dry up acne, while reducing chances of external infection, clearing up blemishes, healing scars , repairing and rejuvenating cells.

Fruit of The Earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack

Fruit of The Earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack

  • Neem acts as a most powerful natural antiseptic and anti-fungal astringent , helps remove infection  disinfect pimples while killing microbes.
  • An ayurvedic blend of nurturing clayremoves toxins and absorbs excess oil while treating infections and hastening the healing process. It also provides a protective cover for infected areas.
  • Other ingredients include purified water, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, almond oil, phenoxyethanol.
  • Rosemary controls excessive secretion of oil from your sebaceous glands, thereby preventing further breakouts. Its potent healing properties, helps to clear acne & blemishes from previous attacks.
  • Brahmi repairs damaged cells & fights against further infections Brahmi is a cell repairer and rejuvenator that helps heal and prevent scars
  • Basil, a natural antiseptic that stimulates circulation & healing of the skin

How to Use:

Try to maintain a daily regimen of applying it this ready made face pack to your affected areas (cheeks, forehead, or wherever you have acne) every night. Clean your face with an antibacterial soap, and then use the face pack. Let it dry overnight and wash it off in the morning.  Hopefully it will have subsided by morning, and if not don’t hesitate to do the same routine again.

Fruit of The Earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack

Fruit of The Earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack


My Experience

The face pack is of a creamy consistency in nature, with a color reminiscent of that of wet sand. The scent is a tad on the stronger side and lingers on in your nostrils for a long time after you are done washing it off. It’s really easy to apply, being ready made and all which means you don’t have to mix any external ingredients like multani mitti or rose water etc etc.

Just apply it, leave it on, and voila, you have flawless skin in a matter of time.

Fruit of The Earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack

Fruit of The Earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack


  1. Helps in clearing  away acne marks and blemishes,
  2. Cost effective and good value for money.
  3. Gives a nice sheen, which lasts for 4-5 hrs.
  4. No fuss during application like mixing with rosewater.
  5. Have all natural ingredients.


  1. A patch test needs to be done first, to see if you are allergic to any of the various herbal ingredients
  2. You have to find a dealer or Medicare consultant to buy it, which can be a bit of a hassle.
  3. You need to be patient and apply it regularly to see lasting results. 

Will I use it again?

It’s perfect for the average adolescent who suffers from puberty related issues like acne , pimple and excessively oily skin as well as the middle aged woman who hasn’t outgrown her teen aged problems.


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