Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll on Review


Garnier Light Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roll-on Review

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Today I am going to review Garnier Light Anti-Darkcircle Eye Roll-on. I am a freelancewriter and I work online from home. Often my work requires me to sit for hours together at night and write. Due to this I have lately developed dark circles under the eyes. Although I always use a under eye gel or cream I had been looking for a concealer that will camouflage the unsightly dark circles when I am going out. Garnier Light Anti-Darkcircle Eye Roll-on is an excellent eyecare product. It acts as a wonderful concealer with lemon essence and mineral pigments that instantly corrects dark circles and brightens them. You can wear it with your regular foundation.

Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll on

Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll on

Product Description

Garnier Light Anti-Darkcircle Eye Roll-on is a tinted eye roll-on that is perfect for everyday use. The tip of the head is a round metal ball which makes it easy to apply the product. It is available in two shades – light and medium. The light shade has yellow undertones to it while medium has pink undertones. The product is lightweight and so it blends into the skin easily. It gives a matte finish to the under eyes and does not leave a cakey after finish.

How to use

The product is very easy to apply. Dab a little under the eyes and blend it an outward direction with your fingertips. It does the job of a concealer brilliantly. Use both day and night.

Shelf Life

36 months


Rs. 199/- for 15ml pack.


The packaging is extremely attractive. It has been designed in the shape of a pen with an attached metal ball on top which enables easy application. It has a sleek look and you can carry it in your purse wherever you like.


The texture is thin and gets absorbed into the skin easily.

Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll on

Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll on


It is enriched with caffeine and pure lemon essence.


It camouflages efficiently appearance bags and dark circles under the eyes.

It contains caffeine that has a stimulating effect and lemon known for its clarifying properties.

The formulation has UV filter protects the eye contours from the damaging effects of the sun.

The shape of pen gives better grip on the product.

Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll on

Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll on



It is not suitable if you have severe dark circles.

The product claims to be reducing puffiness but I did not find any difference.

My experience with Garnier Light Anti-Darkcircle Eye Roll-on

My experience with the product has over all been good. The product is clinically tested which relieves me of every tension of developing any irritation around the eyes. With regular use of the product the dark circles and shadows under my eyes have more or less disappeared. What I like about the product it is a quick fix solution when I am attending any function and that I can carry it everywhere.

Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll on

Garnier Light Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll on




It is a good product. It gives sheer coverage but if you are looking for heavy coverage it is not the right product.


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