Garnier Mineral Deodorants Absolute dry Review


Garnier Mineral Deodorants Absolute dry Review

Hello ladies,

Sometimes a simple deo can do wonders to your entire personality. Just remember how a smell or bad odour can cause turn off. Do you remember one of your friends or that neighbourhood aunty who sweats a lot. How ugly her armpits look ??? So, what should they do. Keep a deo always handy with you. Either in your purse or the smallest version in your pocket. Deos like Eva fresh perfumed deo talc, Oriflame paradise deo spray and The Body Shop white musk anti perspirant deodorant stay quite longer.

So, this deodorant which i am reviewing today is from the house of the Garnier. It is from their mineral range. it comes in 2 variants – absolute dry and extra care. Today i will be reviewing absolute dry from Garnier mineral deodorant for you guys.

Garnier Mineral Deodorants Absolute dry

Garnier Mineral Deodorants Absolute dry

Product description –

  • Enriched with revolutionary Mineralize.
  • Incredible humidity absorption capacity.
  • Continuously absorbs humidity from first contact without blocking pores.
  • 48 hour non stop protection – fresh and dry for 48 hours.
  • Lets skin breathe.
  • Skin stays dry and smooth.
  • 0% Alcohol.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • 5 times the absorbing power of talc.
  • Absolute Dry provides ultimate protection for 48 hours.
  • Extra Care soothes underarms sensitized by waxing or shaving.

Price :

Rs. 150

Shelf life :

36 months from the date of manufacturing.

Garnier Mineral Deodorants Absolute dry

Garnier Mineral Deodorants Absolute dry


Directions to apply:

just press the nozzle near your armpit. One single spray is enough for each armpit. You can also apply on other areas like – on clothes, handkerchiefs, hands etc.

Packaging :

the Garnier mineral deo comes in a tube spray form. The spray comes in white wide tube form. It has a spray nozzle at the top. The product details are inscribed on the tube itself.

Texture :

the texture of the deo is of course gaseous in the form similar to other deos. There is no bothersome smell in the deo. So, sensitive noses need not worry. This particular deo is their extra dry product. This is supposed to moisturise and take care of your skin. this deo will take care of dry flakes on skin.

Key Ingredients

Garnier Mineral Deodorants Absolute dry

Garnier Mineral Deodorants Absolute dry

Pros of Garnier Mineral Deodorants Absolute dry

  1. Trustworthy brand
  2. Affordable price
  3. Available both in online as well as offline stores
  4. Extra dry range takes care of moisturization woes
  5. Easy to apply
  6. Longer shelf life
  7. No bothersome smell
  8. Prevents sweat for quite some time
  9. No irritation or unpleasant feel on skin
  10. 0% feeling
  11. Fresh feeling throughout the day

Cons of Garnier Mineral Deodorants Absolute dry

  1. Not sure if the 48 hour claim is true

My experience with Garnier Mineral Deodorants Absolute dry

The deo works just fine even with a single spray. The deo needs to be applied on places like – armpits, elbows and on clothes too if you wish.  The amazing feature of the deo is that it smells and stays fresh for quite a longer time. And the things which i love about this deo is that it causes 0% irritation or discomfort to your skin. The deo prevents sweat for quite a longer time. so, you will end up feeling fresh throughout the day. But sadly i couldn’t test the garnier deo for 48 hours. So, i cannot comment on the 48 hour claim.  This deo also provides light moisturization to skin just like lacura face care aqua complete moisturiser and Shahnaz Hussain Chocolate Rejuvenating mask.

A single spray bottle will definitely last longer. The bottle on daily usage will last for 2-2.5 months easily.



Would i recommend this product to others –

Yes, of course. This one is perfect for girls who have moisturization issues.


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