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Oriflame Amazing Peach Lip color (Get Amazing Soft Lips):

* Enriched with vitamin E and wheat gram oil.

* This rich cream lip color keeps your lips silky, soft and smooth.

* It gives you a luscious creamy finish.

* Its peachy ingredients give you a peach frutilicous aroma.

Key Ingredients:

* Vitamin E

* Wheat gram oil

* Luscious creamy finish

* Long stay



This is a peach shade which gives your lips luxurious, moisturizing, long lasting, kissable and beautiful lips.

This shade is very Luscious and suitable for Indian skin tone.



Its texture is very smooth, rich and creamy which gives your lips an amazing effect.

This shade is quite light so you have to use a lip liner to outline your lips.

After applying a lip liner which should be little dark matching this shade, you can use this lip color which makes your lips just Muuah….:)

The good side of this shade is it lasts up to 6 hours.

Actually it’s a tricolor lip shade which is dark from inside and lighter from outside.

The inner layer is designed so that you get glossy lips.

And at the inner most layer you can see a white color ring which is for aroma.

So this lip color is basically a blend of lips stick plus lip gloss that means you don’t need to use a lip balm beneath or a lip gloss  after applying this shade.


The main feature of this lip color is that it is light and comfortable on lips.

You can use it daily or functionally.

Its gives a shimmering effect on lips as never before.

It is suitable for every skin tone.

Looks more beautiful on fair complexion.


Its packing is so attractive and comfortable to carry anywhere.

It comes in steel like cover stick packing, which is very strength; even if it falls it won’t break.

It is very light in weight.

Its packaging is also small so that you can easily carry it in your purse.

The lip color is very creamy and silky in appearance.



Its price is 250Rs for 4 Gms.


I would rate this product 8.

It’s a lovely product made in Germany, and worth it, I don’t think you would get any product like this that too in this range.


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  • Priya Saxena

    Seems amazing! I’m just crazy about Oriflame products..its my favorite brand whose products never fail for me. I don’t think one would get any product like this n that too in this range. Great review, thanks for bringing stuffs that are worth buying :)

    • hello priya, ya oriflame is my favorite brand too thanks that you like the review locco_smiley_45

  • Akshita

    Good detailed review…

  • Reema

    I have the same balm. It’s quite good

  • Neha

    Awesome product at such a goof price

  • Rakhi

    Doesn’t work well on my dark lips :(