Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc Review


Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc Review

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How are you doing today? Finally the rain has again taken over in my city. The scorching sun has been replaced by beautiful rainbow and the city is rejoicing again. I like how the trees look lavishly green during monsoons. But as the saying goes “every coin has 2 sides”, monsoon brings in a lot of mud and dirt along with all the greenery and happiness.

Anyways I am back again with a review on a new product. Well, previously I have reviewed Yardley Talc and today I am reviewing Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc in this post. Talc is very important to absorb excess perspiration and to keep you feeling fresh all day. I like talc with musky smell. Sweet smell talc like ponds don’t generate the fragrance for the entire day but musky smell lingers almost all day long. Talcum powders are generally used by male and females both to prevent chafing and rashes on the skin. Let’s see how this one fairs.

Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc

Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc

Product description:

Cinthol original talcum powder is suitable to men as well as women. It will protect your skin from rashes and keep it smooth and soft. You will get compliments from your family and dear ones when they see such a glow on your skin. This powder helps in removing excess sweat on the body and brings freshness. It will put an end to unpleasant smell and bring happiness with its amazing fresh fragrance.

Product price and quantity:

Rs 25 for 50 g bottle. Yes, it costs pretty cheap.

Shelf life:

24 months from date of packing


Refer the below picture

Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc

Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc



Cinthol talc comes in a bright red colored bottle with a tight shutting flip cap in same color. The bottle is handy and travel friendly.


Talking of the texture, it’s not very soft and smooth. I found it a little harsh than my previous talc. It will glide on the skin without hurting but I like the feel of super soft textured talc. Also you will have to rub several times on the skin for the powder to blend well in the skin.

Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc

Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc

Pros of Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc:

  • Very affordable
  • Smell lingers for almost 8 hours
  • Keeps you fresh all day long
  • Effectively absorbs sweat
  • Controls bad odor

Cons of Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc:

  • Doesn’t blend very well in the skin
  • The texture isn’t super soft
  • Doesn’t stand true to its claim of giving glow to the skin
Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc

Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc

My experience with Godrej Cinthol Original Complexion Talc:

A talcum powder is an everyday essential product that I use daily. I usually use powder twice during the day, once in the morning after my shower and once before sleeping. Bad odor is a turn off for me and I can’t stand sweaty smell of others as well as from myself. So I make it a point to use powder everyday so that I smell fresh during the day.

Cinthol products always smell cool and fresh and I love the fragrances that it offers in its products. This talc too has a musky and fresh smell which lingers on for long hours. Its texture is a little issue but otherwise it effectively controls sweat and bad odor.


Considering all the pros and cons, I will rate it 7.5 out of 10.

Will I recommend this product again?

The talc market is very wide and there are number of brands and fragrances available in it. However if you like musky smell in your talc, I will recommend it to you. Its low priced and so giving it a try won’t hurt.


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