goggles glasses trend


Goggles glasses trend – Going Along With the Trend

Hello everyone. The summer has already waved us adios for this year. Though there won’t be any more scorching or any more of the burning bright Sun, yet the use of trendy sunglasses will always remain in the limelight. Have you ever imagined what else could have protected your eyes so fashionably form the sun-rays and the dust and dirt? Nothing could ever match the eye wears we use as stylish protectors throughout the year.

Sunglasses and trendy eye wears are those accessories, which are devoted to fashion these days. Nevertheless, sunglasses and eye wears add glamour to your overall personality.

I personally own a dozen of sunglasses, ranging from Idée to Ray Ban and Oakley.

Goggles glasses trend

Goggles glasses trend

About Sunglasses

The first thing which I look for in a sun-glass or any other eye wear is the level of comfort. I always go for those sunglasses, which are not only comfortable for my eyes and the nose, but also provide good eyesight as well. Besides, the comfort on the head of the nose is quite vital, as the mid joint of the sun-glass rests on that part of the nose.

The Ray Ban

As said before, I have a number of sunglasses, but the most suitable and comfortable is Ray Ban. It is an over sized pair of sunglasses, typically structured and designed for female, to give them a retro look of the early 90s. The Ray Ban not only provides me super comfort; but after using it for the past couple of years, I must admit that it provides a brilliant UV protection to your eyes, with a high level of comfort. Besides, it is also effective in protecting your beautiful eyes from dust and dirt.

One of the most amazing features that I found in this Oakley Sun-glass is its durability and its smudge free glasses. They would surely astonish you.

Step out with the trend

For beach parties and hangouts, I always had a special carve for wayfarers. The wayfarers are very much in lime light these days. These unisex sunglasses are trendy and provide a cool look. Wayfarers are also retro sunglasses, which were used in the late 90’s. If you are ready to throw a Jayne Mansfield look, then you must go for a trendy wayfarer sun-glass.

Goggles glasses trend

Goggles glasses trend

For long rides and undaunted adventures; aviators are my all time pick. Besides being comfortable, aviator type sunglasses are available in a wide range of colors. If you are out for a lunch or any occasion, aviators are the most suitable choice. They are sober and give you a gentle and decent look. Nevertheless, they are quite stylish and mostly go with any kind of latest attire.

Goggles glasses trend

Goggles glasses trend


It is my personal experience that sunglasses often describe sophistication and elegancy. Hence choosing the right set for you is quite important.

Goggles glasses trend

Goggles glasses trend

The skin tone often matters a lot. Girls, who have warm skin tone, should opt for golden, bronze, brown and aqua shades.

White, pink, copper, black, blue and charcoal shades are best for girls’ with light skin tone. You may select the rim of the sun-glass as per your choice.

Goggles glasses trend

Goggles glasses trend

But remember! It should be perfect to highlight your style statement and make you look glamorous. With the festive season round the corner, it time to set out and grab some cool and trendy eye wears to create a stunning impression on others.


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