Golden Charm Blush on Glitter Review


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Today I am back with a review on Golden Charm Blush on Glitter which has a combination of rosy pink and silver glitter to give rosy glow on cheeks. The blush is light weight to wear and looks more radiant and skin feels comfortable. So not wasting much time let us see how it goes. 

Product Description:

The Golden Charm Blush on Glitter comes in an amazing packing and is provided with a free brush inside so that you can apply it easily on your cheeks. The package includes pink and silver blush which appears to be little chalky and powdery .It flies over when you take it on brush but after applying your skin feels comfortable and cheeks become fluffy and rosy pink. The only thing in it is the packing is not provided with a mirror. It does give a matte finish after application. It is much shimmery or glossy in appearance but on skin it gives a semi matte finish. 


The packaging is quite decent and fully enclosed in a plastic case which has transparent lid on it. The packing is quite small and cute and you can carry it anywhere in your purse or clutch.

Golden Charm Blush on Glitter

Golden Charm Blush on Glitter


The Golden Charm Blush on Glitter contains pink and silver color blushes which is not smooth but a little powdery in appearance. The pink color blush gives you rosy cheeks like a prince’s .The silver blush is just for a finishing touch for your cheeks. It looks gorgeous when you apply both first a single stroke of pink blush then silver blush just for finishing touch. 

Lasting power:

Its lasting power is good, it stays for at least 8 hours, but after 10 hours you have to do touch up . It works well on skin and appears satin soft. 

Golden Charm Blush on Glitter

Golden Charm Blush on Glitter


Its texture is smooth but not as satin soft but a bit velvety, it comes off easily on your brush but on skin it is little soft and spreads easily on skin . The only problem is for oily skin beauties they cant apply it directly, they will need some base on skin then only it looks good otherwise it will become patchy on cheeks. It is best for dry skin beauties.


Both the shades pink and silver are pigmented, the pink one is more pigmented and silver one looks chalky but still it is soft .I love this pink shade as it looks rosy  pink on cheeks. Overall it is highly pigmented.


I would rate this product 7 out of 10 

Golden Charm Blush on Glitter

Golden Charm Blush on Glitter



Its price is Rs 50/ for 6 grams

Pros of Golden Charm Blush on Glitter:

* It is soft and appears to be satin smooth.

* It is provided with a brush in its packing

* It has two shades of blush, one is Rosy pink and another is silver

* Its staying power is good; it stays up to 8 hours

* It is highly pigmented and suits well on dry skin.

Golden Charm Blush on Glitter

Golden Charm Blush on Glitter

Cons of Golden Charm Blush on Glitter:

* The only drawback of this product is the mirror is not included in packing.

* The oily skin beauties cannot apply it directly as it needs a base otherwise it would look patchy, so you can apply a base foundation or any cream beneath it.

After single stroke it appears like this as above. 

Golden Charm Blush on Glitter

Golden Charm Blush on Glitter

After double stroke it appears like this.

Golden Charm Blush on Glitter

Golden Charm Blush on Glitter

Whether I would recommend this product again:

No I won’t recommend this product again, as it is not as good as the company claims; it is not as satin soft as it should be and another disadvantage is that the mirror is not provided in the packing but, overall the product is good, on skin it appears to be satin soft and stays for a long time.


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