Hair For Sure – Hair Tonic Review


Hair For Sure – Hair Tonic Review

Hello readers, if we talk about one beauty woe that bothers a lot of women as well as after the age of 40 or so is hair fall or hair thinning leading to a low density of hair and a definite decline in self-esteem. The factors responsible behind hair loss can be hormonal, dietary deficiencies, weather conditions being too extreme and even a lack of a proper hair care routine.

Whatever the reason might be there is something that needs to be done inside out in order to stimulate the growth of new hair follicles in order to prevent hair loss and baldness. We are talking about one such wonderful product today that not only stops hair loss but also helps in hair regrowth and is clinically proven to do so. Read on below to know about the efficiency of this product called Hair For Sure that is a unique formulation tonic for hair approved and appreciated by medical experts in the field of hair care.

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Hair For Sure - Hair Tonic Review

Hair For Sure – Hair Tonic Review

Product description

This hair tonic has been formulated with a revolutionary, breakthrough Rutexil Growth Complex that contains a broad spectrum of compounds that claim to stimulate and revive follicular function to help in hair regrowth more effectively. Give this wonderful hair tonic a shot to know for yourself..


INR 800 for 150 ml of hair tonic…I am not sure if bigger packs are available.

Hair For Sure - Hair Tonic Review

Hair For Sure – Hair Tonic Review



It comes in a small bottle with a nozzle to allow the user to apply the hair tonic directly on the patches where the density of hair is less

The bottle comes enclosed in a cardboard box. The cap of the tonic bottle needs to be rotated to close.


It is like any oil in consistency, a bit thinner though.

Hair For Sure - Hair Tonic Review

Hair For Sure – Hair Tonic Review

Key ingredients

Rutexil growth complex that comprises of many hair growth promoting ingredients including certain potent and herbal ones.

Hair For Sure - Hair Tonic Review

Hair For Sure – Hair Tonic Review

Pros of Hair For Sure – Hair tonic

  • This hair tonic has been clinically proven to give visible results in a span of 4 months or so.
  • The product has been approved and recommended by the association of Medical trichologists worldwide
  • User friendly packaging and applicator for direct application wherever needed
  • It works by means of a comprehensive 4 step system
  • The formulation contains herbal ingredients as well
  • Particularly useful in treating male pattern baldness to cause new hair growth on the bald areas
  • Can be used by men as well as women

Cons of Hair For Sure – Hair tonic

  • The product is quite Expensive for the quantity being offered but worth the price as it helps in treating baldness effectively
Hair For Sure - Hair Tonic Review

Hair For Sure – Hair Tonic Review

My experience with Hair For Sure – Hair tonic

Just like any other non-invasive treatment, this hair tonic takes its own time to work. You can expect to start seeing the results in around one month of regular usage or even a bit more. However, it surely does cause new and thicker hair growth. There are many happy users who have seen positive results after regularly using this hair tonic. The formula is a unique one that acts as a growth stimulant, antioxidant, anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory. All these mechanisms of actions together bring about a synergistic effect to bring about an effective treatment of baldness.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, Hair For Sure – Hair tonic is a unique product can surely be given a shot before considering insanely expensive and invasive methods to treat baldness or hair loss/thinning related problems.


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  • PD

    This product contains ingredients like Propylene glycol, Fragrance & Imidazolidinyl urea.
    Are they harmful?
    What is your opinion about this?

    • apoorva

      Please consult your trichologist regarding this.The review is based on personal experience of the author