Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier Reviews


Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier Reviews

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We all girls love clean and clear skin. But without makeup having a clean and clear skin is a distant dream. Many of us have definitely about this or that herbal remedy. But have any of us thought about experimenting with some of them. Well, I have heard about Hamdard Safi Blood Purifier since ages, we all have definitely. But seldom have I thought about trying it. And since i have pimple once in a blue moon so this blood purifier was definitely not for me. Recently I was popping some biotin tablets and thinking of how to deal with this when someone in my office suggested of using this one. I seriously thought for 2-3 days and finally this bottle landed on my hands.

Let’s find out if this can be your magic potion of those painful acne and pimples.

Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier

Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier

Product description of Hamdard Safi Blood Purifier

The herbal remedy for skin disease such as acne vulgaris, boils, skin rashes, blemishes, urticaria etc, checks nose bleeding, cures constipation, corrects indigestion and improves complexion and helps you to stay slim and smart.

Price :

Rs. 152 for 500 ml.

Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier

Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier


Shelf Life :

3 years

Ingredients :

Sana, Revand Chini, Neem, Tulsi and Chiraita.

Directions to use:

Take a steel medium sized glass. Fill in with water fully. Now, add two drops of safi – blood purifier in it. You can drink Safi either with water or with milk, fruit juice and even tea. Drink it religiously for 2 times a day.


It is said that most of the herbal things have pretty bad packaging and same is with this too. It comes in extremely boring green box with a heavy and medium sized bottle in it. The bottle is transparent where you can easily see the quantity and amount of product left. The box has detailed product description in it.

Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier

Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier

Texture :

The safi blood purifier is in medium consistency liquid form. The liquid is not so easily to be dissolved in water. But when stirred vigorously it dissolves in water. The liquid is dark brown in colour.

Pros of Hamdard Safi Blood Purifier

  1. Price affordable
  2. Easy availability
  3. Quantity apt with price
  4. Very little quantity required per usage
  5. Lasts long
  6. Detailed product description
  7. Herbal ingredients
  8. Effective against pimple and others kin infections
  9. Improves complexion
  10. Prevents breakouts
  11. Helps in weight loss

Cons of Hamdard Safi Blood Purifier

  1. Not safe packaging
  2. Tastes too bad
  3. Bothersome smell
  4. Difficult in dissolving
  5. Difficult to carry the bottle
  6. Takes extremely long to show results
Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier

Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier

My experience with Hamdard Safi Blood Purifier

Hamdard safi blood purifier has extremely bad taste. But at this is said that good things taste extremely bad. Even if you drink only one drop of safi you will need some glasses of water to settle that taste. The smell of Safi blood purifier is strong thus; it can bothersome to sensitive noses.

But i finished two bottle of safi and i only was able to see taht it reduced appearance of breakouts nad a bit of weight loss, nothing much, but i have heard rave reviews from the girls who have been suing safi since 5 years, they said their blood is really purified now. No more acne or any breakouts. But you really need to be extremely patient to see the results. Because you can see anything substantial before than 6 six months.

Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier

Hamdard Safi Natural Blood Purifier

Rating –


Whether i would recommend to others

Surely, but only if you are patient this is a sure shot winner.


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  • Kerry R. Caron

    What if anyone stops taking safi after regular intake of a month? I got the feedback that if we stop taking it after a month, it will have reverse effect. means more acne. Its that true?

    • apoorva

      No, it would not reverse but it is better if you gradually taper the use instead of abruptly stopping it so as to allow your body to get accustomed to the change..

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  • Sana Thakur

    That was remarkable. Great Post!!

    I would also like to contribute something here, regarding its direction to use, which i found on fortis healthworld, while i was looking to buy it. What i found is, it will work better for adults if they intake 2 teaspoonfuls at breakfast and for children only 1 teaspoonful at breakfast is enough, For your reference, Here are some more details for that if you wish to read about the product:

    Once again, Thanks for sharing this topic in a really wonderful manner.

  • ridhima

    is it safe to consume this one?

  • shruti

    nicely reviewed ..

  • neetu

    how does this work?