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This is going to be my first article for this site and to be honest; I enjoyed writing this up and especially when it’s on something that I have experienced by my own. In my later lines, I’m going to explain my views on a very popular beauty product, Himalaya Fairness Face Pack, both the pros and cons of it. Last week there was a get-to-gather in my uncle’s house for which I had to get ready with proper attire. I’m not too keen of visiting parlors but I had to look good at least during that time, my fiancé and his family were also going to be there as guests. I decided to get an instant face pack that can give me an even tone that can last at least for a few hours; Himalaya Fairness Face Pack did that job for me.

About this product:

Himalaya’s fairness face pack works on softening the skin as well as it evens out the skin tone for a clearer me. It blends up so many herbs like Turmeric, Walnut, Saffron, and Ghritakumari that invigorate and tighten up the skin to bring out the beauty out of me. After all beauty doesn’t always lie in the eyes of the beholder right??   This product comes in a 50g’s tube that has an M.R.P. of Rs. 60 and 100g’s costs Rs 110. It has a natural pink color and a mind soothing herbal fragrance. This product claims to work equally good both on oily and dry skin. But it’ll be better for a dry skin holder to follow this application with a light moisturizer.


Himalaya Fairness Face Pack

Himalaya Fairness Face Pack

When it comes to the ingredients of the face pack, there’s a huge con we can find within this. It contains paraben which is definitely not a very good thing to have in skincare product.

Paraben is an organic chemical used to fight against microbes that tend to damage cosmetic products. But the worst thing about this chemical is, it gets absorbed in the skin easily and it tends to damage the skin cells, resulting skin and sometimes breast cancer. So my suggestion is that, don’t use this product more than once a week, and if your skin is reluctant for a positive response of this product, stop using it immediately.

How to Use It:       

Himalaya Fairness Face Pack

Himalaya Fairness Face Pack

Wash your face and neck. You can apply some natural face wash if you want or you can simply wash your face with water. Afterwards, apply an even layer of Himalaya Fairness Face Pack all over your face and neck avoiding your eye area. This pack is a bit thick but even with this consistency it can spread all over your face easily. Let it dry for 15 minutes and then remove it with wet cotton, follow this step with washing off your face with cold water.

Himalaya Fairness Face Pack

Himalaya Fairness Face Pack


Depending upon the skin this product will need different time to dry off. But don’t let it be on your skin more than 20 minutes. Girlies with dry skin will require applying some lotion to moist up their skin.

What I felt after using it: 

Himalaya Fairness Face Pack

Himalaya Fairness Face Pack

This face pack is undoubtedly useful to get a glowing even toned rejuvenated skin. It provides us an affordable and easy-to-carry tube of this magic blend. I’m really impressed with this product from the house of Himalaya, just 15 minutes to a supple and glowing skin.

Pros of this blend:

  • Packaging, quite easy-to-carry,
  • Affordable,
  • Contained up with useful herbal ingredients,
  • Spreads evenly
  • Gets wiped off easily
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Makes my skin glowing and toned up
  • Removes dead skin cells

Cons of this blend:

  • It contains paraben, an organic chemical product that is carcinogenic.
  • It gives a little tingling sensation for 5-6 minutes of application.

    Himalaya Fairness Face Pack

    Himalaya Fairness Face Pack                              

Considering all the pros and cons of the same, I will give a rate of 7.5 to this product out of 10. And I would also like to recommend this product to our dear readers but use it only once a week. Take care, stay beautiful.


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