Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream Reviews


Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream

Hello beautiful readers.. How are you all doing? I am here to review a multipurpose product for hair. This is basically a hair cream that softens your hair, counters scalp dandruff and also nourishes your scalp. It contains herbal extracts of: Rosemary, tea tree oil and holy basil. It is a great alternative for those who do not like using hair oil because of it’s stickiness.

Product description

This breakthrough herbal anti-dandruff formula contains Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary that provides effective anti-dandruff action and reduce hair fall. Holy Basil & sesame soothe the scalp.

  • No dandruff.
  • Reduce Itching.
  • Reduce Hair Fall.
    Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream

    Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream

Directions for Use:

Use Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair cream daily before & after hair wash. Massage gently on scalp & hair, leaving it overnight. Apply to damp hair after every wash for dandruff free hair, with reduced itching & flaking

Shelf Life :  

36 months


175 ml for  Rs. 100/-


It comes in a tub type packaging. There was a foil on the tub initially. The cap is screw type. It is spill proof and leak proof so easy to travel with. You may use your fingers to apply it on scalp and hair strands but I prefer using a coloring brush.

Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream

Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream


Consistency and texture:

The consistency is medium. It is almost like a fluffy cream i.e neither very thick nor runny or water based.

Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream

Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream

Key ingredients

Each gram contains:
Kayaputi 2mg (Tea tree)
Dhanyaka 1mg (Coriander)
Rusmari 1mg (Rosemary)
Vanatulasi 1mg (Holy Basil)
Now time for a little math:
Adding the quantities given in label we get 5mg (out of 1g).

pros of Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream

  • Non sticky
  • Light textured
  • Makes here soft and manageable
  • Controls frizz
  • Makes hair perfumed
  • Travel friendly packaging

Cons of Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream

  • Cannot tackle severe dandruff
  • Lots of chemicals present.
Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream

Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream

My experience with Himalaya herbals anti dandruff hair cream

I use a dye or coloring brush to apply this cream on the roots as well as length of my hair. It spreads easily and evenly on my hair. After applying, I tie back my hair in a bun. It takes nearly ten minutes for it to get absorbed totally in my hair. I leave it on for a minimum of half an hour and sometimes even overnight. Follow it with your regular shampoo and conditioner.

It makes my hair lightly fragrant, frizz free and deeply hydrated. I have fortunately, not experienced any side effects like hair fall or itchiness in the scalp while using this product. The only drawback I can feel is that it contains a lot of chemicals in spite of Himalaya boasting of its herbal products. The smell of the product is mild and does not irritate the nose. Another plus point is long shelf life so you really do not have to worry about it getting expired soon. The pack mentions that herbal preparations d change color overtime so do not worry about it.

Anyhow, overall the product is of decent quality and gives good results as compared to other hair creams in market that come at a much higher cost. The quantity of the product is fine, too and on my mid length hair, I can at least use one tub for ten times. It is a hundred bucks well spent.



Would I recommend this product again?

Yes, it is a great alternative for the days when you do not feel like oiling your hair. This product gets a thumbs up from me and I am on my third tub already.


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