Homemade Skincare during Monsoons


Homemade Skincare during Monsoons

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You can get an easy homemade skin care to during the monsoons in the most economical way. All you need to do is to gather few ingredients from your garden, kitchen cabinet and the fridge. The best green way to get wonderful facial treatments are just ahead you. The human body is considered to be the temple and a clear skin is the gate to the temple. The human skin provides the first defense against the external elements that may make us fall sick. But external factors such as pollution, dirt, acid rains and more create great damage to the skin. Especially during the monsoons you are required to take extra care of your skin.

All about Your Skin


A matured human body loses nearly millions of dead cells everyday. Therefore nearly 30 to 40 thousands dead skin cells are discarded from your body; which states that you shed almost 40 pounds of skin all through your life. Besides, the skin makes nearly 15% of the whole body weight.

Generally people think that scrubbing with a rough towel often helps to remove toxins and other waste material from their skin. But this is not true. The skin is made in such a way that it can purify itself inside out. But this is possible only if you are maintaining a healthy and health promoting diet.

Homemade Skin care with Blueberries


There are several chemical free natural and economical skin care formulas that you can easily fit in your daily busy routine to get smooth glowing skin and fight acne problems and dark spots during the monsoons.

The blueberries are considered to be wonderful skin care ingredient to fight against acne, uneven skin tone and pimples. The blueberry fruit is rich in Vitamin A, C and fiber. These fruits control the oil level of the skin and maintain a healthier and smoother skin. Besides, the blueberries also strengthen blood vessels and repairs the damaged veins and broken capillaries beneath the skin.

DIY: Anti-aging Mask


Take a bowl and mash few blueberries till smooth. Add some yoghurt and mix together until the mixture becomes purely fine. Now spread the mix on your face and keep it for 20 minutes. Now wash it off using cold water. Now you will have a younger looking face, withal your damaged cells discarded from your skin.

DIY: Rose Water and Blueberry Tonner


Mix 50 grams of rose water and half tablespoon of alum in a bowl and keep aside for 10minutes. In the mean time, smash few blueberries together until smooth. Now mix it with glycerin and add to mixture of rose water. Apply the mixture thoroughly on your face and rinse after 5 minutes. You can also store this toner in the refrigerator for future usage.

DIY: Lemon-Blueberry Mask for Oily Skin


Take a medium sized bowl and add some grounded almonds, blueberries, powdered oats and 2 tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix them together and apply it all over your face for 20 minutes. Wash the mask with warm water. Now you will have a smooth oil free skin.

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