How to slim down your waist fast


How to slim down your waist fast

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How are you all? I am back again with another informative post on keeping healthy and fit. I have previously told you about the exercises to reduce double chin and arm fat. Today I will talk to you about ways to get a slimmer waist.

The size of your waist mostly determines your body shape. Some ladies may have a very slim waist line while others may have a broader one. For ladies with broad waist, this post is just what you need to read right now to get a considerably slimmer waist. I myself have tried a lot of these exercises to slim my waist and trust me they are all awesome and effective. However I would like to make a note here that no exercise will be effective if you don’t control the diet. Have a balanced healthy diet to see quicker and better results. So let’s get started by listing down the exercises that will help you get a slimmer waist faster.

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Rope jumping

How to slim down your waist fast

How to slim down your waist fast

This fun activity is a great exercise to raise your metabolic rate and accelerate weight loss. You may think how this activity we enjoyed as children can be effective in waist slimming right? But it is very effective. It raises the metabolic rate and tightens the core while jumping. An intense rope jumping may include a few modifications to basic jumping. Like try twisting your waist from left to right as you jump. Do a 1 minute exercise followed by a break for about 20 seconds and repeating the jumps for another 1 minute. Adapt this jump-break-jump cycle for as long as your stamina allows and How to slim down your waist fast.

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Jumping jacks

How to slim down your waist fast

How to slim down your waist fast


Another easy fun yet effective exercise to trim the waist is jumping jack. This is a very commonly performed exercise around the globe. In this exercise one has jump and get the feet shoulder width apart along with swinging the hands overhead and clapping and then jumping back to the starting erect position. Sounds easy right? It is very easy and yet the benefits of this exercise are immense and How to slim down your waist fast.

Bicycle crunches

How to slim down your waist fast

How to slim down your waist fast

A modified version of stomach crunches is the bicycle crunches. This exercise will help you trim the waist line if performed regularly and correctly. This will be performed by alternating the hand and leg movement as can be seen in the image. It will pump the heart faster and fire up the abs.  This exercise is also effective on strengthening and toning the thighs and upper arms along with the abs and waist and How to slim down your waist fast.

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How to slim down your waist fast

How to slim down your waist fast

Remember doing it as a child? It was fun, wasn’t it? Great. Get yourself a ring and perform and enjoy hula-hoop for around 15 minutes every day and you will see the results in a few days time. It engages your waist and gives you a perfect curve that you want making your waist slimmer.

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Side planks

How to slim down your waist fast

How to slim down your waist fast

This is a core strengthening exercise and requires efforts unlike the others mentioned above. Lie down on one side on your body and use a floor mat for this exercise. Now put your other feet on top of the feet on the side you’re laying. Now rest your arm near the shoulders and slowly lift your torso up the ground and put weight on the arms. Hold the position for 20 seconds and get back to starting position. Repeat this exercise almost 10 times on each side.

These were the list of easy fun exercises that you can perform at home without any special equipment. So what are you waiting for? Get started with the workout to trim your waist and slim down your waist fast.

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