Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss Review


Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss Review

Hello all you sweethearts..!!!

What’s up with you guys? This New Year has been treating me good so far. Hope it’s the same with you all too. I am back again with a review on a lip product.

Today I am going to review a lip gloss from Incolor. Incolor is a budget brand but not a very popular one. You can read about the products like lipstick, primer and eye shadow from Incolor by clicking on their respective links. This is the first and only product I have tried so far from this brand house and I am not sure if I will put my hands on its other products after considering my experience with this gloss.

Let us get down to its detailed review now…

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss

Product description:

The Incolor lip gloss gives an intense definition and glossy finish to the lips. It contains moisturizing elements that keeps the lips moisturized. Apply it on top of your lipstick to give a more defining appearance to your lips. Enjoy lavish lips with a glossy finish with Incolor crystal brilliance lip gloss.

Product price and quantity:

I had bought this gloss for INR 160 for a 6.5 ml bottle.

Key ingredients:

Nothing about the ingredients is mentioned on the packaging.

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss


How to use:

No rocket science used here. Use it just like you use your any regular gloss. The applicator is attached in the packaging using which you can line and fill the lips with the gloss in no time.




The packaging department has done a good job. It’s a rectangular wand with a few curves and the brand name in silver lettering. The screw cap is silver and has an attached doe foot applicator for precise and quick application. The bottom of the wand has the sticker with its shade code.

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss


The texture of the gloss is in liquid form but a little on the thicker side. It has fine tiny shimmer particles in it which is hardly felt on the lips as they are very fine. It’s a fragrance free gloss and can be applied alone or on lipsticks.

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss

Pros of Incolor crystal brilliance lip gloss:

  • Nice gloss to give a shimmery look to your lips or to use over lipsticks
  • Nice packaging
  • Reasonably priced
  • Lot of shade variations and options available
  • The shimmer particles are very gentle and fine and doesn’t hurt
  • Has a doe foot applicator

Cons of Incolor crystal brilliance lip gloss:

  • Limited information about the product is disclosed on the packaging
  • Not easily available
  • Not recommendable for ladies with pigmented lips
  • Feels sticky when you press lips together
  • Poor stay power

My experience with Incolor crystal brilliance lip gloss:

Well I don’t remember what made me buy this lip gloss at the first place. It’s a good for nothing lip gloss. Since I love matte lipsticks, I won’t use it over my lipstick. Neither will I use it alone due to my pigmented lips. So in short, I won’t be using this gloss.

The texture is a little thick and feels sticky on the lips. Also the stay time is quite poor as compared to other lip glosses like Victoria’s Secret Color Shine lip gloss and Revlon Color Burst lip gloss. Overall I am not very impressed with this lip gloss from Incolor.


I rate it 6 out of 10

Will I recommend this lip gloss again?

Umm no, I don’t recommend it to you all. I mean it’s reasonable and all but I feel there are lot better glosses out there in the market at almost the same price tag. And for ladies with pigmented lips kindly give it a miss. You will thank me later.


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