Inglot face blush Review


Inglot face blush

Hello my beauties,

I recently visited an Inglot store, at a local mall, and I was very impressed. I found it hard to resist their wide range of colourful cosmetics. Among the things I picked up, the Inglot face blush #30 matte finish was the one I was most excited about. I have been using this product for a few weeks now and it is definitely a must try from the Inglot range of blushes.

About Inglot face blush

The inglot face blush comes in a wide range of colours. The blush can be bought in a shimmer or matte finish. The blushes are available in a creamy or powder base.  One of the best things about this product is that it is a paraben free formula and is not tested on animals. This is a huge deal, especially with cosmetics and beauty products. The Inglot face blush come in a 2.5g round pot, priced at Rs.1050. The pot is flattish and not too large and can easily be carried around in a makeup bag. Inglot has another really cool feature, where they allow you to purchase free standing eye shadows, powders and blushes, which can fit right into the original pot. The refills are priced at just Rs.400. This makes the Inglot face blush a value for money product.

Inglot face blush

Inglot face blush

Another great feature is how pigmented the Inglot face blush is. A little product goes a long way. This ensures that the product will definitely last long. This may not be the best option though, if you are a first time user. The blush definitely requires a light hand. You just have to dab your blush brush with the product and start using, giving your cheeks a wonderfully tinted hue. I use the product in #30 matte finish. This has a nice coral colour that is very blend-able and makes great day wear. I don’t like using very bright colour on my cheeks and this blush gives me just the right amount of colour. The Inglot face blush has a nice matte finish and looks very natural. I use the product, after moisturizing my face with a BB cream.

The blush is meant to be used only on your face, not your eyes.

Inglot face blush

Inglot face blush

Pros of Inglot face blush

Highly pigmented

Easily blends into your skin


Matte finish

Can get a refill of the product at half the price

Value for money

Cons of Inglot face blush

Need a good makeup remover to wipe off the product

Not a good option for first time blush users

Inglot face blush

Inglot face blush


Will I recommend the Inglot face blush?

My overall experience with the Inglot face blush #30 matte finish, can be rate 7/10

So yes, I would recommend this product. I do feel though, that first time blush users should opt for a less pigmented option. Or girls who are frequent blush users, this is a wonderful product. The Inglot face blush comes in so many colours, that you can mix and match and create your very own blush palette. The blush blends very well and gives you a natural look. I use this blush for daily wear and I can vouch for the fact that the blush lasts 6-8 hours.

Inglot face blush

Inglot face blush

So, do take out the time to buy and use this product and feel free to comment below and let me know, what your experience of using the product has been.

Until next time, stay happy and think beautiful.



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  • candyyy

    The pigmentation looks moderate in the swatch..

  • Brinda

    Nice detailed post!!

  • foram

    i wish it came as a pallet! Single shades get expensive…

  • Dikshita

    Does it make the cheek glowy and oily??