Jazzy sneaker designs to uplift your mood


Loafers: Jazzy sneaker designs to uplift your mood.

They say, “Good shoes take you good places” and I completely agree with the saying. Footwear is one of the characteristic I judge a person by. Person with bad shoes is such a turn off. Imagine a person entering the interview room in flip-flops; not happening right? Similarly a person should have multiple types of footwear’s for every occasion. But not anymore, today I’ll introduce you to versatile footwear, loafers.

Loafers have been in trend for long now. Loafers are flat heeled leather shoes in the shape of a moccasin. Loafers are stylish and comfortable.  They look trendy. Its moccasin shape adds fun to the footwear and the sleek leather gives it a formal touch. Non-leather loafers are also made available in the market recently like canvas loafers and loafer sneakers.

Jazzy sneaker designs to uplift your mood

Jazzy sneaker designs to uplift your mood

Loafers are unisex footwear, available both for males and females. They are slip-on-shoes with no laces, which makes it even more convenient to take off and wear. Of late, loafers with tassels on the front or some metal decorations are peoples favorite. You will find both the genders sporting them at many occasions. Loafers are casual shoes that can be worn to work or leisure.

For females, loafers have been socks-free shoes giving comfort yet fashionable look to their attire. One may find celebs sporting their loafers’ collection often. Loafers go well with skirts, jeans, pants etc. They are available in multiple designs and colors. Tan and brown colored loafers are the most popular amongst all.

For males, loafers can be worn socks-less with shorts, denims or chinos. Out of the different loafers like the penny loafer, Gucci loafer, tassel loafer, I find the penny loafer to be a must in every man’s wardrobe.

Sadly loafers do no good for physical exercises. They are not a substitute for sports shoes. Loafers are casual shoes with a formal look. They can best be worn to work or when dining with friends or for a casual day out. Few shoes are classic and loafers are one of them. Loafers are a symbol of elegant leisure. Loafer can replace any other casual shoes to add a bit of dash to your overall look and I suggest each of you should own at least one pair of versatile loafers.



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