Jovees Liquorice clay pack


Jovees Liquorice clay pack

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Today I am going to share my reviews on the Jovees Liquorice clay pack. In our daily busy schedule, we often have occasional breakouts that leave us with dark spots. I personally suffer a lot with this issue after sudden breakouts. I always tried my best to take extra care for my skin and for this reason; I always look for something good that would work on them. The Jovees Liquorice clay pack is an excellent face pack that has given me stunning results.

Jovees Liquorice clay pack

Jovees Liquorice clay pack

Product Description

The package of Jovees Liquorice clay pack claims that it contains the exotic blend of imported clay, along with the goodness of wild fruits and Multani Mitti. Besides, it also claims that the product contains special herbal extracts that are blended to provide excellent results, by making the skin tone visibly fairer and also by controlling the production of melanin.

Jovees Liquorice clay pack

Jovees Liquorice clay pack


The actives ingredients of Jovees Liquorice clay pack are as follows:

Directions for Use

First, wash your face properly and pat to dry. Next you have to apply a thick layer of the pack on your face and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes. Now rinse thoroughly with fresh water. For fairer and more radiant skin, use it daily. And for a glowing skin, use the Jovees Fairness cream along with it twice a week.

Jovees Liquorice clay pack

Jovees Liquorice clay pack

My experience with the Jovees Liquorice clay pack

One of my close relatives recommended the Jovees Liquorice clay pack for my dark spot problems. I thought I should give it a shot. I had nice feelings using the Jovees Liquorice clay pack. It leaves your skin clear, visibly fairer and more radiant. But as per my personal experience, I must say that before applying the pack; dilute it with some water or toner since it’s a thick consistency pack. The pack of the Jovees Liquorice clay pack is light cream in color and has a pleasant mild fragrance predominantly of the Multanmi Mitti and sandalwood. The layer applied on your pack dries up with 10 to 15 minutes. You can rinse it off then. I suggest using some face cream after you wash off the pack, as it gave a kind of tingling sensation on my face. The product has a kind of chemical-ish feel on the skin. 

Jovees Liquorice clay pack

Jovees Liquorice clay pack

Pros of Jovees Liquorice clay pack

  • Completely removes oil and grease from the face
  • Inexpensive
  • Gives a glow to the face
  • Easily Available
  • Easy to Use with tube-type packaging
    Jovees Liquorice clay pack

    Jovees Liquorice clay pack

Cons of Jovees Liquorice clay pack

  • Chemical-ish feel on the skin
  • Tingling effect after use
  • Stretchy peel before washing it off
  • Not applicable for sensitive skin

Though the price of the product is quite low, it does not stay up to its claims. The Jovees Liquorice clay pack is not suitable for girls with sensitive skin. It is also ineffective on dark spots. So, overall an average product meant for normal or oily skin. Using plain multaani mitti will give the same results more or less, but this product is easy to keep, carry and apply.


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