Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack Reviews


Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack Reviews

Hello there, pretty Women!! How have you been? Okay, so for most women, summers and face packs go hand in hand. As a teenager, I mostly used to put on Multanni mitti based, homemade face pack. When I grew older, readymade pasty versions of face packs started flooding the markets. I still remember my very first Sandalwood face-pack from Dabur. It felt much less stretchy on skin unlike Multani mitti. After trying out a handful of face packs, I came to a conclusion that face packs which stretch out or dry out my skin, post use are not my thing. So, now, I pick up packs that are hydrating rather than stretchy to skin. My favorite brands remain Lotus herbals and Jovees. One of my recent purchases is this one from Jovees pearl whitening range. Read on to know about more details..

Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack

Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack

Product Description:

This face pack from Jovees pearl Whitening range is produced using nano technology & scientific methods. It harnesses the therapeutic effects of botanicals and herbs to give Your skin a fairer and smooth look.


INR 245 For 60 Grams

Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack

Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack


Shelf life

3 Years

Skin type synopsis

All skin types can use this pearl whitening face pack from Jovees.


This face pack is a part of a mini facial kit that I bought. So, this one comes in a small glass pot with a lid and cap that closes tightly. I need a spatula to dispense the product. I am using the one that comes with bleaches as there was no spatula provided in the kit.

Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack

Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack


The texture and the way this face pack spreads us a lot like toothpaste. However, it foes not feel stretchy the way toothpaste does. It’s smell us not overpowering too.

Pros of Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack

  • Spreads easily & Evenly on face
  • travel friendly and leak proof packaging
  • smells mild
  • Does not take too long to dry
  • Dries without being too stretchy on skin
  • Does not rip of the moisture from skin
  • It only absorbs excess oils without disturbing the natural moisture of skin
  • Makes skin feel really soft
  • Brightens and freshens up skin at least temporarily
  • Helps you get a clear and clean complexion on regular usage
  • Does not irritate or break out my skin

Cons of Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack

  • It takes effort to rinse out completely
Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack

Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack

Key Ingredients:

Pearl Powder, Bearberry Fruit Extract, Sandal Extract,Alpha Hydroxy Acid (derived from Vitis Vinifera), Rose Water, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil and Neem Oil.

My experience with Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack

I have used this face pack three or four times till now and every time after using it..I had a happy feeling if making the purchase since, first of all it absorbs excess oils and grease from my face without stripping my skin of the natural moisture. This face pack from the Pearl whitening range if Jovees is rather hydrating to skin. It dies take some effort to rinse off so, I always follow it with a toner so as to remove the residues nicely. This needs to be followed with a face cream or light lotion but there is no sense of hurry since this would not make your skin dry and stretchy. My skin appears and feels very nourished and bright after using this face pack. At the moment, I am using this at a frequency of once a week.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, I am going to buy this again after I have finished my current stock if face packs. I have used a couple of Jovees products in the past and they have impressive results at a affordable and justified price.


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