Jovees premium whitening Serum Reviews


Jovees premium whitening Serum Reviews

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By the way, How have you all been? Hope you all are enjoying the slight change in the North Indian Weather!! Today, I’m here with a review about a skin care product that I, myself was not very familiar about!! It is a serum from Jovees. Serums are supposed to provide deep acting benefits to help in delaying the premature signs of ageing. Using serums is highly recommended for women who are twenty five plus in age. Let us read some more about this product..

Jovees premium whitening Serum Reviews

Jovees premium whitening Serum Reviews

Product Description

This Whitening Natural Serum from the Brand Jovees has been formulated with highly effective, nature derived herbal and botanical ingredients in order to improve your skin quality & Texture. This serum also helps to decrease the prominence of signs of ageing like: Patchy skin tone, dull complexion and sun spots to help achieve glowing and radiant complexion.

Directions for use

Take two to three drops of this serum and spread evenly across the face.


Rs. 435/- for 50ml

Jovees premium whitening Serum Reviews

Jovees premium whitening Serum Reviews


Shelf life

1 year approx


The one I have was a part of Jovees mini Pearl whitening facial kit so, this one comes on a small bottle made out of plastic. The bottle has a label with the product name and certain details mentioned on it. It looks almost like eye drop or ear drop bottle. There is a nozzle to dispense the product drop by drop. Initially, the nozzle has to be pierced to dispense the product. There is a screw type cap with the bottle. The packaging of the individual product is in form of a bottle.


It is in form of a transparent liquid that feels like an oil at first but on rubbing into skin it forms a smooth layer on skin and does not feel oily ir greasy. Rather, it literally vanishes into my skin.

Jovees premium whitening Serum Reviews

Jovees premium whitening Serum Reviews

Skin type

All skin types, women in late twenties

Pros of Jovees premium whitening Serum

  • No smell/ Fragrance
  • Non sticky
  • Does not sting or irritate
  • makes skin feel very smooth
  • absorbs well into skin
  • supposedly helps in delaying the appearance of signs of ageing
  • does not break me out

Cons of Jovees premium whitening Serum

  • Takes a lot of time to show appreciable results

Key ingredients

Liquorice root powder, Mulberry fruit powder, Grape leaf powder, Bearberry leaf extract, Wheat protein, Black bearberry extract, Sea weeds powder.

Jovees premium whitening Serum Reviews

Jovees premium whitening Serum Reviews

My experience with Jovees premium whitening Serum

This Jovees premium whitening Serum needs to be used before applying your moisturiser.It can be applied all over the face or over specific areas like under eyes. This is supposed to penetrate skin deeply and help the process of cell renewal. You need nearly three to four drops of this serum for your entire face. Just rub it into your skin once and it absorbs superbly and disappears into your skin wonderfully. What us left behind is a feeling of a super smooth skin texture. This serum has no fragrance at all and thankfully, it does not sting or irritate my skin either. As for the results, such products never show instant results so, you need to use these over long periods of time along with an overall good skin care regime and healthy diet to maintain the youthfulness and radiance of your skin.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

I guess no, as I have used a serum from Biotique earlier that gave faster results and was more herbal in nature. Also, Olay is one good brand to rely on for anti ageing skin care.


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