Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30


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Today I’ll be sharing with you my experience after using Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30. There are several Jovees products available in the market. But I was really overjoyed with the results of the sunscreens of Jovees. There are different types of sunscreens from Jovees, which vary in their SPF index. Since I have a sensitive skin, I consider sunscreen to be an important part of my daily skin care. Whether am in or out, I always use it and make sure to have it on, before I step out under the scorching sun.  And with the Jovees Sandalwood , I feel totally protected from the sun and its UV rays.

Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30

Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30

Product Description

The Jovees sunscreen is available mainly in two variants:

  • Jovee Sandalwood Natural Sun Cover UV Protect (SPF 30)
  • Jovee Anjeer and Carrot Sun block  (SPF 45)

I have personally used the Jovees Sandalwood  and the package claims it is non greasy and high strength formulation. The Jovees Sandalwood is an effective skin guard against skin damages due to the UVA and the UVB rays. The Jovees Sandalwood remarkably absorbs the harmful rays well. The cream does not get wiped off with perspiration. The pack also claims that it is an effective skin toner that makes the skin visibly fair. Besides, it also claims to be a skin moisturizer and is applicable for all type of skin. 

Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30

Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30


The Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30 contains the following key ingredients:

  • Witch Hazel
  • Jojoba Extract
  • Sandalwood
  • Aloe Vera
  • Chamoline
  • Liquorice

    Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30

    Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30


Directions for Use

It is a simple to apply sunscreen from Jovees. Firstly you need to wash your face and dry it out properly. Now, just before you are about to leave your home and step out under the sun, apply the Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30  evenly all over your face and to the skin, which will be exposed to the sun. The product is useful for any kind of skin.

Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30

Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30

My experience with the Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30

I started using sunscreens since my school days and continued till my college days. I started my skin care journey with Lakme products. The Lakme sunscreen lotion was first. But since last two years, I’ve been using the Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30, and I swear I was quite shocked with the results. After Lakme, I shifted to Boutique and lotus. For a change, I planned to buy the Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30. Since the day I started applying it, it really felt good on my skin. It is kind of soothing and cooling cream. Most surprisingly what I found interesting was that it was not greasy unlike other sunscreens and was useful for all types of skin.

Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30

Jovees Sandalwood Suncover SPF 30


  • Non Greasy
  • Pleasant Smell
  • Totally a herbal product
  • Useful for all types of skin
  • Value for money
  • Calming effect on the skin
  • Convenient packaging.


  • Although the product claims to be water resistant, but I am not sure of it.
  • Reapply after a certain interval of time, for better results, when you are out in the sun.

The price of the product is really cheap and I have found it quite amazing. I have got good results after using that product therefore I would surely repurchase this product.


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