Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack Reviews


Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack Review

Hello beautiful ladies..How have you all been doing? I recently made a visit to a trade fair and as always.. did hit the skincare and cosmetics pavilion, first of all. I had made up my mind not to overindulge in shopping so, returned with only one face pack from Joy Skin fruits. I have used a few products from this brand earlier and have always been pretty satisfied with the outcomes.

This particular face pack quite impressed me. The sales rep gave me a demo and within 5 minutes, the tanning was visibly removed on that particular patch of my skin. Also, it leaves a beautiful radiance behind due to probably, the presence of fruit AHAs.  I got two of these, one for myself and another one for my sister. It has suited both of our skin types, pretty well. In short, it is a good buy and deserves a detailed review… Read on for more…

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

Product description

It Works as a gentle peel for skin and helps in removal of the dead skin layer of skin.

It helps in revealing a healthy, bright and radiant skin tone.

Directions for Use:

To use this face pack, first of all clean your face and then apply an even, thick layer of this fruit face pack across your face. Let it dry for 15 minutes and then rinse off using plenty of water. You may use it one or two times in a week for clear and smooth textured skin.


Rs. 20 grams for INR 20 . It is quite a budget buy.

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack


Shelf Life:

36 months from the date of manufacture.

Skin type synopsis

All skin types


It comes in a White coloured tube with a Green cap. It has Bright Green coloured Graphics printed on it.


The product is creamish in colour and very creamy in consistency, too. It spreads evenly on skin.

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

Pros of Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

  • It nourishes skin, removes tanning. I love the creamy texture
  • It does not lead to stretchiness on my skin.
  • Suits all skin types
  • It fulfills all claims
  • It has a fresh and soothing citrus, fruit smell.
  • It has skin friendly ingredients.
  • It leaves behind a skin that is clean, fresh and bright

Cons of Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

  • None

Key ingredients:

Lemon extracts, aloe Vera extracts, kaolin, Fuller’s earth.

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

My experience with Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

The smell of this fairness fruit face pack is pleasant, thanks to the goodness of all the Key ingredients. I am not a very salon person so, I like using scrubs and face packs at least once a week to maintain my skin right at the comfort of my home.  It takes around 15 minutes or so to dry up but I noticed that it is not at all stretchy to my skin which is good as otherwise my skin starts showing signs of dryness and flakiness. By me, hydrating face packs are always preferred.

After washing away the face pack with warm water, I notice a visible reduction in tanning. My skin feels very nourished, supple and smooth. I do not experience any urgency to dab a lotion due to presence of so many good oils. The AHAs present in this face pack lead to improvement in skin tone as well as texture. These are substances which also have rich anti ageing properties.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Overall, I am super duper happy with this fruit face pack and I am going to repurchase it for sure.. Good quality and quantity at a good price.


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