Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream Review


Get Charming Skin – Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream

Hello girls,

Today I am going to give you updates on Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream. It superb cream containing products of the soil remove, jojoba and almonds oil which moisturise seriously and skin is replenished naturally which gives the energetic magnificence. Brings about soft and youthful looking skin.

Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream

Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream

Ingredients of Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream

Apples and oranges Extracts – Provides the key vitamins, supplements, cancer prevention agents and alpha-hydroxy acids for sound gleaming skin.

Jojoba Oil – A characteristic lotion, it infiltrates into the skin and is known for its wrinkle control and hostile to bacterial properties.

Almond Oil – An astounding emollient and lotion, it feeds and relaxes the skin, enhances appearance and holds sparkle.

Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream

Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream


INR 35 for 50 ml. It arrives in a white tub sort bundling. Doubtlessly tub sort bundling is unhygienic yet the majority of the creams come in that just and we can just utilize a spatula to take out the cream. It has a screw top which fits over it.

Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream

Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream


Pros of Joy Skin Fruits, Fruit Moisturizing Massage Cream:

  • Light weight saturating cream.
  • Makes skin gentler and supple.
  • Non oily.
  • Gets retained really quick.
  • Gives support to the skin.
  • It has apples and oranges removes, jojoba oil and almond oil which are considered useful for the skin.

Cons for Joy Skin Fruits Fruit Moisturizing Massage Cream:

  • Tub sort bundling is a bit unhygienic.
  • Complete rundown of add-ins not specified.
    Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream

    Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream

My Experience with Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream

I might begin with a positive note and that is I like the cream. It is a white hued not all that thick cream which spreads equally on the body. There is no oiliness at all after its application and my  body get delicate and moisturized . I utilized it post shower and my skin adored it.

There was no greatness, stickiness or oiliness on the body, it was retained inside seconds and the dryness was dealt with through out the day. Additionally, I have been utilizing it for my hands after every wash and trust me my skin on the hands looks much gentler.

Since winters have very nearly arrived, the skin now needs that additional dampness and this cream is working great on that front. Proceeding onward to the scent, it has an exceptionally solid odor, I don’t have the capacity to evaluate the aroma yet whatever it will be it smells and feels sweet.

In the initial 10-15 seconds, it is very solid yet disseminates rapidly. After which just a weak sweet smell remains. I have never attempted it on the face, however I feel it should go well with dry to ordinary skin marvels on the face additionally. With everything taken into account, I am content with the second Joy item which has worked for me.

Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream

Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream

 My Rating

I would rate 8 out of 10. Oily skin young ladies, stay far from this one. It is effective as one application would be sufficient for at least 10 hours. Proceeding onward to the scent, it has a fruity aroma of moderate force however it wears off after utilization.

It arrives in a tub sort bundling that is truly unhygienic yet not an issue as we can just utilize a spatula/ spoon to administer the cream. It has a screw sort top which fits hard, making the cream travel safe. Make me know your thoughts and idea by utilizing comment box till me next update “Be Stylish and Spicy”.


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