Keo karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil Review


Keo karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil Review

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How have you been? As I have discussed with you in my last post, this is the time of the year when everybody is busy in giving shine to their home, face, clothes and not to forget is their hair. I like all these things about this, but this weather change surely makes my skin and hair very dull. In my recent visit to my department store I couldn’t find my regular massage oil for my hair. I saw this hair oil from Keo karpin, well, I didn’t need an oil for daily use I just use oil for massaging my hair, then I wash them off after an hour, so it being a non sticky oil didn’t really matter to me, but the curiosity in me to try a new thing made me buy this. This oil was available in small packing so I grabbed one, let’s check out here if my this decision was a good one or not

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Keo karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil

Keo karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil

Product Description of Keo karpin non sticky hair oil

This hair oil from keo karpin comes with olive oil and natural vitamin E, which claims to give deep moisturization to your hair with their deep moisturizatiomn therapy. This therapy claims to make you hair soft, silky and healthy by nourishing them from deep within.

Direction for Use

Take out the required quantity on your hand and massage them gently on your scalp and run down the oil to the length of your hair. Keep it for an hour, and then wash it thoroughly.

Shelf Life

Its shelf life is 17 months

Keo karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil

Keo karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil


Price & Quantity

50ml of pack is priced at 20rs

Skin Type

Suitable for all types


This hair oil comes in a similar packaging as other keo karpin hair oil comes. This has a transparent plastic bottle which has a rotating green cap attached to it. This pack I leak proof, but I won’t advise you to carry this along without any plastic cover.

Keo karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil

Keo karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil


To my utter surprise this oil had very thin consistency and it is truly non sticky. I have very runny consistency and it was transparent in color. It didn’t have any significant fragrance, which is a plus point for me.

Key Ingredients

Refer to image below

Keo karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil

Keo karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil

Pro’s of Keo karpin non sticky hair oil

  • Very cheap
  • Small packaging
  • Easily available
  • Non sticky

Con’s of Keo karpin non sticky hair oil

  • Deep conditioning Is not enough for dry hair

My Experience with Keo karpin non sticky hair oil

My experience with this product has been average only.  I have very dry hair; they need much of moistrizarion, so I keep on searching for a product which can make my hair a bit smoother. And this search always stays an endless search. This oil had moisturizing properties, but those were not enough for my dry hair. So, even after all these good things this oil also didn’t fit into my criteria of good oil. People with oily hair can give this oil a try, as this is non sticky and won’t make their hair sticky or oily.


I would rate this 3/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

I won’t recommend this product again to the dry hair people, but people with oily hair can give this product a try, as this doesn’t make the hair oily or sticky.


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