Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel Review


Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel

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Daily commute, tedious hours, environmental curse, these customary sounding activities that happen to us every day.  But shall we have to carry let-go attitude towards our drained out body? Doesn’t the machine-like body seek for that deserving delicacy which is being missed out often, just because of the piled up work? Well, it’s high time, you start prioritizing things in your life. Today, I would like to uncover Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel, definitely not a charger, but a battery saver of your life. Your morning bath with it electrifies you enough to hold in that fresh feel, which usually leaks out with the coming-close evening. I myself being a pretty much occupied person felt a great difference between before and after daytime status of mine.

Direction for use

A must-have application daily is what it goes like, needless to say. You can’t run a car unless fuelled. Same goes for this gel. You can use some khadi after bath moisturizing cream or oil. This will help you get the maxim out of the gel bath.

Shelf Life

2 years from mfg.

Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel

Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel


Simple, sober packaging with not much showy bottle to trap oppressed like us in a fallacy. Filled up to the brim, little on the side of translucent, imparting greenish tinge borrowed from aloe vera, yes, first few things that caught my eyes.


Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel

Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel

As the name suggests, gel like substance it is. Definitely the gel well textured enough to get smeared on the body. And granular particles, being justificatory of aloe vera .


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My experience with Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel

Well, as the usual pleasantry Good Morning conveys something good about the morning, my mornings now actually had that feel of good in it. My weary schedule knocked out me so badly that body literally pleads for energy pumper, if not pumper, at least a conserver. And my neighbor was the one who after realizing the lifeless life of mine, put forward this amazing gel. Just a day bathing, and I felt being charged up for the longer time span, with respect to the previous life style I was living. Without a second thought, I gave the product a permanent place in my bathroom. The product functioned like energy sealing cement, allowing the fresh energy after bath to get restored throughout. I just squeeze out sufficient quantity enough to cleanse and wash it off hassle-free. And fragrance, aha, the natural scent that survives even if not aided with deodorants. The after affect on both my skin and aura was like amazing. I still bless my neighbor, because if the day starts so well, the schedule runs smooth throughout.

Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel

Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel



Supple effect on skin

Freshening fragrance

Adds a new life to your skin

Charge you up for the entire day

Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel

Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel


No demerits as such, just a trivial dryness that is manageable with moisturizer follow-up.

Would I recommend the product?

Without a second thought yes would be my answer. My mornings were never this lively. Bathing is not just a mere cleansing. The degree of cleansing should be strong enough to pump us up with the working energy. This form of energy was always absent in my life. But, thanks to Khadi shower gel whose entry extended my activeness to a higher side.

Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel

Khadi Aloe vera bath and shower gel




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