Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel Review


Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel Review

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Wish you Happy Independence Day on behalf of the whole Makeupera team. Its sure was a long weekend this time. Did you read about this awesome styling product Sebastian professional volupt spray in my previous post? If not go and check it out right away.

Are you a shower gel person? If yes then this post is going to be for you. I have always been a soap person as I don’t have to share my washroom with anybody else. But for students sharing their apartments or sharing their washroom with siblings or parents prefer using shower gel as it doesn’t make that product full of germs. There are so many shower gels available in all possible fragrances. I love the ones with lavender fragrance. However today I am reviewing a shower gel with ginger fragrance. I know it sounds weird. When I first got it as a sample even I was confused reading the name. But the results turn out to be good. Read on to know the detailed review of this product.

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel

Product description:

Presenting Kronokare ginger shower gel. Ginger helps to purify and detox, which means simple goodness on the rocks! This product is sure to clean from inside out, just what one needs to head on out. So, indulge in the feel-good factor delivered to you using the pure essential oils, and get ready to grin and bare it!

Product price and quantity:

Rs 105 for 60 ml and Rs 325 for a 220 ml bottle

Shelf life:

2 years from date of manufacture.

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel


Key ingredients:

Zingber Officinate, Citrus Limonum

How to use it?

Bubble it up, double it up, and wash for a while. Don’t forget to smile.


Kronokare shower gel comes in a little black colored plastic bottle with a black and pink sticker on it mentioning the information about the product. It has a flip cap which shuts securely making it convenient to carry in bags during travelling.

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel


This shower gel is pale colored and has a gel like consistency. It’s not very runny and so the problem of wastage by pouring more can easily be avoided. Little quantity of the shower gel works well and a 60 ml bottle will easily last up to 10-12 usages.

Pros of Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel:

  • Mini, travel convenient packaging
  • SLS free
  • Paraben free
  • Spicy smell
  • Lathers well
  • Little quantity works well
  • Effectively cleans the skin
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin
  • Easy to rinse off

Cons of Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel:

  • Some people may find it a little expensive
  • The smell is spicy and may not be pleasant to every nose
  • Availability
  • Full list of ingredients is missing
Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel

My take on Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel:

This Caribbean ginger shower gel has a spicy smell of ginger and lemon that can be overpowering for a few people. The smell lingers around for a little while after the shower. If you want the smell to stay longer, you can team this up with their Caribbean ginger body lotion which I will review shortly.

The good this is little quantity lathers well with a loofah and cleans the body very effectively. It doesn’t even dry the skin after shower. The texture is also fine and easy to work with.

Overall, it’s a good shower gel with a touch of spiciness.


I will rate it 8 out of 10

Will I recommend this again?

Yes I do recommend this product but only if you like spicy fragrance.


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