Lacura Body Care Roll On with Aloe Fresh Review


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I am back with the review on an amazing product that is Lacura Body Care Roll On with Aloe Fresh which is perfect for sensitive skin. Previously I always use to use deodorant or spray but slowly my under arm skin started becoming dark ,so one day I realized I should try the Roll On to control the under arm odour which is very light ,creamy and does not darken your skin and is made for beauties who have sensitive not wasting much time let us see how it goes.

Product Description:

Lacura Body Care Roll on Aloe Fresh (Ideal for Sensitive Skin) is made to control the body odor which acts as an Anti-Pera spirant and is very helpful specially for under arm skin .The main advantage of this product is its staying power is very good, once you apply it and it will give you a nice aloe-Vera smell throughout the day and you feel fresh and happy. Its aloe fresh formula works throughout the day. 


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Lacura Body Care Roll On with Aloe Fresh

Lacura Body Care Roll On with Aloe Fresh


The Lacura Body Care Roll on with Aloe fresh is packaged into a small white color container with roll on at its head .Its packaging is small but cute and quite decent in look. Its Head is fitted with a circular tight cap, so you can easily carry it anywhere without any fear of leakage from the cap.


Its texture is creamy and it appears white in color with a nice aloe-Vera tint which remains 24 hours .So that you feel fresh .It is smooth and also soothes your skin of under Arms and suitable for sensitive skin.

Direction for Use:

  • Apply directly on under arms
  • Roll evenly on underarms skin
  • Do not apply on broken or irritated skin
  • Allow product to dry completely
    Lacura Body Care Roll On with Aloe Fresh

    Lacura Body Care Roll On with Aloe Fresh



Its price is Rs 120 for 50 ml

Pros of Lacura Body care Roll on with Aloe fresh:

  • Lacura Body Care Roll on with Aloe fresh extremely mild and creamy.
  • It stays for a long time.
  • It has amazing aloe-Vera mild fragrance which is for those who are lovers of mild fragrance.
  • It is decently packed in a white colored container with a tight cap.
  • It is easy to carry anywhere.
  • It does not persist irritation even on sensitive skin. 

Cons of Lacura Body Care Roll on with Aloe Fresh:

  • Its creamy consistency does not absorb quickly in skin.
  • It is not cost effective.
    Lacura Body Care Roll On with Aloe Fresh

    Lacura Body Care Roll On with Aloe Fresh


I would rate this product 8 out of 10 as it’s a lovely product I have ever used.

Whether I will recommend this product again:

Yes, will recommend this product again as it is a nice product and it is actually meant for beauties having sensitive skin. Its texture is quite smooth and creamy and very easy to use as it has a rolling tip. So beauties, I think everyone should try this product once.


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