Lakme Absolute Shine Line Reviews


Lakme Absolute Shine Line Reviews

Bonjour, Mademoiselles, I hope you’ve been having a terrific Monday so far because mine has been pretty lazy. And nothing brings more joy than remembering my hectic college days, the rushing around with lack of time to get your makeup in place and then zooming to your first class was just worth it. I first practiced this art during my first year of college and have a good many years of practice under my belt.  By the time I was in my third year, I used to regularly apply eyeliner for my friends every morning. Some of the products that I’ve had to use have not been very handy but this  Lakme Absolute Shine Line was a dream. The entire product is fitted to provide the neatest and slickest line with the greatest of efficiency and to this day, this product has its spot in my bag.

Lakme Absolute Shine Line

Lakme Absolute Shine Line

Product Description :

The Lakme Absolute Shine Line promises a bold, intense color in one single stroke that promises to last for hours.  The product allows you to create ‘smoldering’ eyes with bold shades that redefine the look of liquid eyeliners.

How to Use:

The use of liquid eyeliner requires more of a steady hand for most since even a single jerk can cause a tiny bump in your otherwise smooth line. To avoid this, you can try practicing on a plain piece of paper first to make sure you can draw a single, smooth line. The thin foam tip lets you draw really fine lines so you can adjust the thickness of the line too.

Lakme Absolute Shine Line

Lakme Absolute Shine Line

Shelf Life:

30 months.


Rs. 325 for 4.5ml


The Lakme Absolute Shine Line comes in a tiny tube along with the brush used to apply the eyeliner. The foam tip is attached to a long stick which makes it very easily to hold whilst you apply the liquid eyeliner.

Lakme Absolute Shine Line

Lakme Absolute Shine Line



The Lakme Absolute Shine Line liquid eyeliner dries very quickly given its fluid texture and tends to stay on for a very long time. Care needs to be taken before it dries however since once the smudged area dries, it becomes even harder to scrub off.

Key Ingredients :

The ingredients used have not been mentioned in the pack.

Lakme Absolute Shine Line

Lakme Absolute Shine Line

Pros of Lakme Absolute Shine Line

  • Ease of handle and use due to the long brush present.
  • Thin brush helps in drawing fine, even lines.
  • Dries very quickly.
  • Does not smudge.
  • Lasts for a considerable duration if left untouched.
  • Small and compact tube can be carried anywhere.
     Lakme Absolute Shine Line

    Lakme Absolute Shine Line

Cons of Lakme Absolute Shine Line.

  • Smudging before the liquid dries can cause severe raccoon eye problems.
  • A bit pricey in my opinion.
  • Turns into a vague grayish shade on drying.

My experience with Lakme Absolute Shine Line

Despite its few flaws, the Lakme Absolute Shine Line is deemed, in my humble opinion, the perfect liquid eyeliner to light up your eyes.  Someone who’s perfected the art of applying the eyeliner can have fun with trying out the winged design that seems to be the rage these days. It doesn’t even smudge when you accidently squeeze your eyes. Simply cracks a little but damage is limited.  It does nothing to irritate my eyes or my contacts either by seeping in so I’m quite content with this product

 Lakme Absolute Shine Line

Lakme Absolute Shine Line


9/10 Recommendation: Are you an avid user of liquid eyeliners? Then this Lakme product is the one for you. A few attempts with this and you’ll turn pro in just a few days.


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