Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color Review


Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color Review

Hello girls,

How have you been? It’s very pleasant coming here and share reviews of the products I have used and help you to make your new purchase. Today I am here with a lip color from the house of Lakme.  This is one of the very first liquid lip colors I have used. So, check out today’s review of Lakme lip color here, how this works for me

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Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color

Product Description of Lakme aqua shine lip color

Indulge in some luscious color with the new, vivacious range of lip gloss from Lakme 9 to 5, the Aqua shine lip color. The super soft applicator brush in the bottle ensures that your lip get an even coat and look soft and supple. It’s a 3-in-1 product that offers the fun color of a lipstick, the smooth shine of a lip gloss and the moisture of a lip balm. The color is perfect for your daily office wear and gives you a long lasting, smudge free appearance all day and the moisturizing properties will give you the best pout. Pick this right away.

Direction for Use

Remove cap, twist body of the pen until the lip color is seen at the tip of the nib, and apply on lips fro smooth glossy finish.

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color


Shelf Life

Its shelf life is 30 months

Price & Quantity

2.55ml of pack is priced at 600rs

Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types


This lip color comes in a pen kind of roll which is a non transparent plastic container. It has a similar color as the lips color it contains. This is very handy and no leakage problem with this pack.

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color


This lip color has a thick consistency as compared to other liquid based lip color. It gives lips, luscious finish with a glossy glide. But this also makes lips a bit sticky as this is very thick.

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color

Key Ingredients

No such information is provided on the pack

Pro’s of Lakme aqua shine lip color

  • nice shade
  • easy application
  • soft and glossy finish
  • no leakage or accidental spill problem
  • All in one lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick
  • Super soft applicator
  • Keep lips moisturized
  • Glides well

Con’s of Lakme aqua shine lip color

  • Vanish fast
  • a bit highly priced

My Experience with Lakme aqua shines lip color

My experience with this product has been average only. I liked its texture and smoothness, but it’s very thick and this makes lips a bit sticky also. Its staying power is also very low; this just vanishes from the lips from like in half an hour, then giving touch up again and again is such a hectic task. its color is also dark for daily application. So I feel it’s not worth spending so much on a product which can’t even stay for an hour. So better get some other product in this price range, which justifies the money you spent.


I would rate this product 3/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

No, I would not suggest this product again as its staying power is very less. Check out a few more products here the body shop vitamin e gentle facial wash, blue heaven sparkling silver eye liner


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