Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner 02 WALNUT Reviews


Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner 02 WALNUT Reviews

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How are you all? I have been eager to come back from my vacation and join you all, with my reviews, which I have been waiting to write, for all the gorgeous ladies out here. Well, taking break from work feels good, isn’t it? But longing for break stays for some time and you start missing your circle. Same happened to me.

So Girlzz!! I am back with my reviews for you and the one I am going to share today, is a lip liner by Lakme, the most trusted company. The lip liners from Lakme has its own quality which makes it the best and with this new lip liner, the perfect definition, it has kept its name, to the top.

Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner 02 WALNUT

Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner 02 WALNUT

Product Description

The lip liner by Lakme is a perfect definition for out lining the lip, which has a soft lid that does no harms to your lips. It has lover dark shades and the best thing about the lip liner is that, its Hypoallergenic formula apt the lip liner for all form of skins.

How to Use

It’s very easy to use. Clean your lips with cotton and open the cap of the liner, and with the soft lid apply the outline on your lip with this lip liner, looking in the mirror. The appliance of the liner is hassle free.

Shelf Life

2 years from manufacture.

Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner 02 WALNUT

Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner 02 WALNUT



250 INR for 1.1g.


Product packaging is cool, as the lip liner comes in a sealed cellophane package and it has to be torn after buying the product, so the sanity is preserved. The cap of the liner is transparent and the colour of the liner is visible through that. The pencil of the liner, comes in dark mauve colour and the base of the pencil has the products colour on it. Overall packaging is good.


The texture is smooth and it can be easily applied.

Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner 02 WALNUT

Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner 02 WALNUT

Key Ingredients

There are no ingredients printed on the product.

Pros of Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner

  • The shades of the lip liner is awesome.
  • It has all the darker shades.
  • The lip liner has no hassles in applying.
  • It’s smooth.
  • The liner has good price according to its brand.
  • It is smudge proof.
  • It fully packed, with a cellophane, when it’s new.
  • It has the shade printed boldly on the liner pencil.
  • Less wastage, as the lip liner doesn’t break while sharpening.

Cons of Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner

  • There is no ingredients list on the product.
Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner 02 WALNUT

Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner 02 WALNUT

My Experience with Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner

I am crazy about lip liners and lip sticks, so buying some good cosmetics doesn’t bother my pocket. I tested the lip liner and I loved it, so I took three shades of the same brand and I am in love with them. It has become one of my favourite lip liners and I have these, always in my bag. Although it’s a lip liner, I apply it fully on my lips, and that really makes me look smart, as the shades are bold and enigmatic.


I would love to give 4.8 out of 5.


Ladies who loves wearing lip liner or bold colours, should try these perfect definition by Lakme, as it is really good and it is easily applicable. It’s the best for the ones, who have delicate skin as the lid of the lip liner is soft and not at all harsh on skin. This lip liner has been made with Hypo allergic formula, which is decent for all sorts of skin. Just one thing should be kept in mind that the cap of the lip liner should be closed carefully, after beach use. If you feel, its dry on your lips, apply a bit of lip balm and then this lip liner.


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