Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme Reviews


Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme Reviews

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We girls buy so many products that are not really necessary. We all know that most of us like just to shop without thinking about “Wise Shopping”. The same happened with me while I was one day cleaning my cupboard and came through this creme. It was lying quite below in my wardrobe and thus, I couldn’t use it for quite a long time. When I saw it for the first time I was sceptical if its expiry date is remaining or not. But thank God I could use this and thus here follows the review.

Lakme has launched immense number of products since last year. Be it in their makeup or skin care range, but we have constantly saw many launches. Thus, this Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme is also one of them.

Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme

Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme

Product description of Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme:

Lakme Claims: Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Light Creme consists of Bio Hydrators that work towards replenishing the skin’s moisture; while the luminizing Vitamins lighten your complexion from within.

The revolutionary Lakmé Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum and Light Creme works in 3 effective steps:

  1. The luminizing vitamins make your skin more even and radiant and insta-collagen TM boosters tighten skin.
  2. Light Reflecting Pearls highlights your skins texture and creates an irresistible sheen.
  3. The final touch is a silky smooth, polished skin finish This 3 way action gives you that high definition polished look with a glow, and makes your skin luminous and smooth in texture to keep you ramp ready always.

Direction for use:

Wash and rinse your face thoroughly. Take some of the creme in your fingers and apply on your face and neck area. Avoid application on eyes.


Refer to the image

Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme

Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme



Rs. 275 for 50 grams

Shelf life:

24 months from the date of manufacture


This is one of the most vital parts of a creme. As it is said that a packet speaks much more than the contents inside. Similarly, if a packaging is impressive at least half of the audience is already bowled over. This day creme from the house of Lakme comes in a white translucent jar of medium size and weight both. It is securely packed with an outside lid which prevents any product spillage. But the problem is with the material of the jar. I have a feeling that it might break if the jar is dropped. So, that makes it extremely difficult to use.

Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme

Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme


The whitening day creme is white in colour. It is heavily of creme texture which looks thick in first appreacnce. But is easily blend able. But the problem is that the creme when blend leaves behind a whitish cast which does not goes away even after quite long. This makes it quite difficult to use.

Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme

Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme

Pros of Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme

  1. Trustworthy brand
  2. Easily available
  3. Decently priced
  4. Medium size and weight
  5. Can be easily blended
  6. Easy fragrance

Cons of Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme

  1. Whitish cast
  2. No SPF

My experience with Lakme Perfect radiance whitening day creme

This day creme when applied on fresh dry face leaves a heavy white cast. Even when the creme is applied with light hands then there is quite evident whitish cast. This whitish cast does not disappears after quite long time and stays till the time you have washed your face or your sweat has washed your face.

The fragrance of this creme is quite soothing and not at all bothersome.



Whether I would recommend this product –

No. I don’t like this product because of its heavy whitish cast.


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