LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen Reviews


LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen Reviews

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Now, here is a Lakme product which is my niece’s favorite, I kid you not. Every-time I go to visit her in my sister-in-law’s place, she always knows what makeup products I bring every-time I go there. She throws open my kit and lays her tiny stubby fingers on my Lakme Rose Powder compact and then she goes to play with my lipstick collection. I can understand her addiction to it because that product has always been my lifesaver. At a fair price, the LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen with shade Soft Pink for more lighter skin tones is perfect for nearly every occasion to hide your blemishes and to give you that confident boost.

LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen

LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen

Product Description :

The LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen product makes the following claims

  • Provides you the general foundation makeup in a powdery format so that its easier to blend it with your skin.
  • The powder contains rose fragrance the keeps you fresh and also contains sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Gives you a flawless and radiant look in seconds.

How to Use:

The LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen comes in two different shades depending on your skin tone : Soft Pink for lighter skin tones and Warm Pink for more duskier skin tones. Selecting the right kind of shade for your skin is a valuable necessity. Now, make sure to rid your skin of any dirt or oil and then you can begin to apply this. Since it is a powder format, it doesn’t really give you a thick, professional coating and make your skin feel suffocated. Simply press the sponge provided on the powder and then use it to coat the powder on your skin.

LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen

LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen

Shelf Life:

2 years.


Rs. 120 for 40g


The LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen comes in a small compact shaped into a circle which contains the powder to be used. The application is done using a sponge that neatly coats your skin with the powder. The instructions, details about the product are printed on the underside of the compact.

LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen

LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen



The texture of the product is powdery and is used to provide a very clean and matte finish to your skin. So it’s perfect for your everyday occasion, even more useful when you’re in dire need of touch ups to get your face to look almost passable. The powder does not really fall off but sticks to your skin the instant the sponge comes into contact with your skin.

Key Ingredients :

The ingredients used are Talc, Zinc Sterate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Titanium Dioxide, Aluminium hydroxide, Steric Acid, Perfume, Rosa Damascena Extract,Phenoxy Ethanol, Butyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben.

Pros of LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen

  • Can be easily applied using the sponge and the powder takes to your skin like fish to water.
  • Pack of four colors can be mixed to obtain other shades.
  • Compact is small and hence travel friendly.
  • Quite inexpensive.
  • Can be used for last minute or urgent touch ups
  • Has a charming rose scent.
  • Provides UV protection.
  • Provides a light coverage which isn’t too cloggy or thick.
    LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen

    LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen

Cons of LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen

  • Comes in just two shades.
  • Does not really last for much number of hours and disappears after a while.
  •  Not suitable if you want a heavier coverage.

My experience with LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen

Despite the few flaws, this product will always be one of my favorites. Not being a huge fan of really thick and ugly makeup that makes my skin artificial, this LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen was the perfect choice. Its light and breezy texture does nothing to make your skin feel weird or sticky and hugs every inch of your skin, giving it a beautiful finish.

LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen

LAKME Rose Powder with Sunscreen




A lovely product which I would recommend for those who love a really affordable but in need of a light makeup to coat their skin. A definite buy once this compact gets over.


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