Lakme Thick Lash Mascara Reviews


Lakme Thick Lash Mascara Reviews

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My review list seems to be flowing with Lakme products which might just about give you an idea of what a huge fan I am of that brand. The products are averagely priced with good quality items that make them easy to use and have around. Here’s another Lakme product that caught my eye while I was rummaging through my makeup box. Lakme Thick Lash Mascara has definitely given me a beautiful set of thick, black lashes that are perfect for everyday wear.

Lakme Thick Lash Mascara

Lakme Thick Lash Mascara

Product Description:

The Lakme Thick Lash Mascara is a gel based formula that separates each eyelash to make them look fuller and longer, giving them the required volume to make them look lush and absolutely stunning. The Lakme Thick Lash Mascara has a smudge free formula that stays intact giving it a freshly applied look. This mascara comes in a pitch black shade.

How to Use:

The Lakme Thick Lash Mascara comes with your average everyday instructions. Make sure your lashes are nicely dry before pulling out the brush with a fluid. Gently run the brush through your lashes from the base to the tip of your upper eyelash on the underside. It wouldn’t be fair to leave your lower lashes out of the picture so try the same technique to apply the mascara to your lower lashes as well. Since the mascara has a quick drying time, wait for it to dry before applying a second coat to give a more voluminous appearance.

Lakme Thick Lash Mascara

Lakme Thick Lash Mascara

Shelf Life:



Rs. 290 per piece.


A cylindrical black tube which is long and narrow contains the mascara. A thick brush with closely packed bristles serves as the applicator to apply the mascara to your lashes. The outer cover does not really give many details about the product.


The mascara dries quickly so the problem of smudging is greatly reduced here. The liquid is nice and thick and coast your lashes beautifully till the very tip. Once it dries, follow the same procedure and give multiple coatings to both your upper and your lower lashes. The liquid is not too watery and does not cause the lashes to clump together or flake. So despite the non curling attribute, the product is well worth its prize.

Lakme Thick Lash Mascara

Lakme Thick Lash Mascara


Key Ingredients :

The ingredients used have not been mentioned in the pack.

Pros of Lakme Thick Lash Mascara

  • Average price.
  • Does not smudge and is waterproof.
  • Dries very quickly.
  • Multiple coats can be given for a lush appearance.

Cons of Lakme Thick Lash Mascara

  • Does not curl the lashes.
  • Lasts for a few hours at most.
    Lakme Thick Lash Mascara

    Lakme Thick Lash Mascara

My experience with Lakme Thick Lash Mascara

I don’t use too much mascara since my lashes have a life of their own but this Lakme Thick Lash Mascara helped enhance that. My lashes looked so much more elegant and captivating. I didn’t have the problem of waiting for a long time while it dried before moving on to other tasks. Even removing it didn’t prove to me much of a problem for me. The price was reasonable too.

Lakme Thick Lash Mascara

Lakme Thick Lash Mascara




Another Lakme product that set my heart racing and is a good recommend for anyone who’s a fan of wearing mascara that isn’t too exaggerated and gives an eclectic yet elegant look to your eyes.


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