LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum Review


LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum Review

Hello beautiful ladies out there hope you all are doing well. These days i am kind of high on perfumes, i recently ordered 4 perfumes online out of which this lomani Paris is one. I know it is kind of risky ordering perfume online, but when i saw its key notes i was attracted to it and instantly bought it. So let’s see if this perfume is worth a buy or no. In my last post i wrote about biotique bio fruit whitening lip balm, do read it

LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

Product Description of LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

A sunny perfume with light, delicate scents, which accompanies those who wear it. Solara, a perfume whose mysteries are revealed, little by little. Solara, a perfume that Lomani dreamt of creating just for you. Solara… a bewitching flower. Rose, jasmine, lily, ylang-ylang, and orchid can be recognized, along with vanilla pods, orange flower and golden plum. Solara, a magical flower blossoming with sparkling overtones of lemon, pineapple, ginger and galbanum. Solara, a rare flower with its woody notes of cedar and sandalwood, balsam and amber. Solara, so delicate, is responding to the desire to be extremely feminine.

Made in France, Attractive fragrance spray that will make you unique in crowd.

Direction for Use

Spritz onto neck and pulse points

LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum


Shelf Life

Not mentioned

Price & Quantity

INR 1500 for 100ml


This perfume comes in a beautiful glass bottle which is packed inside a cardboard box. The bottle is very delicate and has a very beautiful glass cap on it. The bottle is transparent and so you can easily make out the remaining product. The cap has this cute golden ribbon tied to it with a tag of lomani paris. Overall the packaging is quite attractive but not travel friendly as the cap is kind of flimsy.

LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum


The texture of this perfume is quite light and not at all sticky; also it does not leave a stain on clothes

Key Ingredients

Top notes: lemon, pineapple, ginger, galbanum overtones.
Middle notes: orange flower, ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, lily.
Base notes: cedar, vanilla, sandalwood, amber.
Trend: floral, oriental.

LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

Pros of LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

  • Very sweet smell
  • Not at all overpowering
  • Does not stain clothes
  • Effect lasts easily for 4 plus hours

Cons of LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

  • Nothing that i can think of but i guess it can be pricey
LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

My Experience with LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

I was really sceptical before buying this online, but when i actually used it i was pretty happy, the smell is not at all overpowering and is quite feminine. The best part is the staying power the smell lingers around for 5-6 hours. As you can see in the ingredients every note is perfectly balanced. Also i am in love with the packaging the bottle is so attractive and classy. Some perfumes which i used previously left some stain on my white shirt, but this one did not also when i sprayed it on my neck or back of my hands there was no sticky feeling at all.

Rating for LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum


I would totally give this full point, because there is nothing that disappointed me

Whether I would recommend LOMANI Paris Solara Eau de Parfum

Yes, if you are a perfume lover and looking for something which is not that strong and which is sweet and feminine then this is the one. If price is an issue you can try flipkart it sometimes has huge discounts on perfumes.


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