Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette Reviews


Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette Reviews

Hello Beauties,

Orange is the newest flavor of the season. Have you thought how chic orange one-piece, jewellery looks??? And can you imagine yourself pouting with the bright and sexy orange lipsticks. And thanks to the wonderful makeup brands all over the world. It seems that there is a trend going on “Paint everything Orange”. So, why not flow with this trend with the gloss cum lipstick from the house of Loreal.

Loreal has come up with some of the best lip products these days. One of them is this lip glosses. I wanted to try almost all the shades but to my misfortune i could grab only 2 shades – Bella and Juliette. While bella is a perfect nude colour for wide number of skin tones Juliette has the OOMPH factor similar to its name.

So, proceed ahead to find out if i loved this shade or not.

Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette

Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette

Product Description of Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette:

Dazzling shine, Fresh moisture, lightweight lip color. The first lip colour to fuse with your lips. Rich, refined lips yet a barely-there lip sensation. Lips feel cocooned in a fresh, dewy sensation. The modern way to play your lip colour. The unique formula comprised of 30% water and 60% oil provides an exceptionally high level of moisture, allowing for 6-hour hydration. Concentrated soluble colour pigments create a subtle wet look with a weightless feeling on lips.

Directions for Use:

Apply the Caresse shine on lips. Dab once with tissue paper and re-apply. Now, blot once again and pout. You are all ready to rock the world.


Rs. 499 for 6 ml.

Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette

Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette



The Loreal Caresse shine lip colour comes in tube. The color of the tube is gorgeous golden in colour which looks extremely classy.  But not only is this packaging attractive but also quite thoughtful. The tube comes with a transparent band. This band shows the lipstick shade which makes shade selection easier for confused souls like us.

The tube also comes with an inbuilt applicator. The shape of the applicator is slanted which makes the application on lips neat and quite convenient. Also, the slanted shape of the applicator makes even a bit of product easily come out from the tube.


The texture of these glosses is the biggest USP of this product. The gloss is extremely thin and thus comfortable on lips. And when the gloss is applied on lips it settles there without being too heavy and clumsy. The formula of these glosses makes the lips breathable.

Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette

Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette

Pros Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette

  1. Reliable brand
  2. Affordable price
  3. Widely available online as well as offline.
  4. Texture is superb
  5. Colour perfect for orange beginners
  6. Staying power excellent
  7. Much more than regular glosses

Cons Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette

  1. None for me
    Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette

    Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette

My Experience with Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette:

The Juliette is a bright but still comfortable orange with slight tones of red underneath. The shade is quite comfortable to wear and thus shy girls can also easily rock this shade. The colour will suit most of the Indian skin tones and will brighten up the day as well as your mood and complexion both. As far as pigmentation is concerned it gives a strong orange colour on single swipe only. But you can definitely build up the colour with twice application. Also, the shade covers pigmented lips quite aptly.

But after a while the shade comfortably settles on lips. Now, even if you have to drink or eat anything the shade doesn’t transfers. The gloss easily lasts for 4-6 hours. With heavy meals the shade suffers slight fading with evident orange tones in it.

Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette

Loreal Caresse Shine Lip Colour Juliette

Rating –


Whether I would recommend this product again???

Definitely. The colour is bright and too hot to ignore.


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