L’oreal dermo expertise foundation


L’oreal dermo expertise foundation Review

Hi Beauties…

It is a common complaint among many women that their foundation is either too heavy or just too dark. Well, for all these blessed women, I have got one thing to say -L’oreal True Match Super Blend-able Foundation. Use the w1- there is no shade that resembles porcelain white skin more.

Product Description:

When you open the bottle you sense a slight fragrance that doesn’t overpower you. This is pretty convenient for people who do not like the smell of makeup. It’s a little runny owing to the inclusion of the sunscreen, but you won’t be complaining as the SPF 17 does wonders for your skin. The bottle doesn’t have a pump, so opinions may vary regarding its design flaws.

How to Use it:


Use a stippled brush for the application as it makes it much easier. Thing is, you can even apply it with your palms and it won’t matter, because its runny texture makes it very easy to blend in. The brush allows you to buff it in for a really smooth matte finish. Apply it to your forehead, nose and cheeks, gradually building coverage. This will help you avoid that dry look that some other foundations can give your face. I’d say that one coat is more than enough to last you the day. Powdering is optional, but it does improve the overall tone.


It might seem a lot, but trust me you don’t need a lot of this. You can easily go a month on a per bottle basis.


My Experience

If you have dry skin, your experience will not vary a lot from those with super oily skin as well. Its oil free, and doesn’t let your skin break out. And it hides imperfections very well. I put a single coat on before touching it up with powder and using a concealer. The bottle says it lasts indefinitely, and I might very well second their claim. If you have lines on your face, it doesn’t cake at all. It just sits their perfectly no matter what you do, for a full 9-10 hrs. More incredible still, is the fact that its integrity is not compromised even when you go underwater.


  • Its non-greasy and remains like that throughout the day
  • Long lasting. You do not have to touch it up at frequent intervals
  • All around flawless coverage. Does not cake or run off during sweaty times.
  • Gives a very natural finish.
  • Doesn’t cause your face to break out in pimples. In fact it covers acne very well.


  • The lack of a pump applicator figures prominently in most users’ minds.
  • For very oily skin it doesn’t last for more than 6-7 hours. But this can remedied by setting it with a little powder


Will I use it again?

Definitely! It is good value for money, and it has a wide range of shades, some of which perfectly match my skin tone.


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