Loreal Infallible Eye shadows Reviews


Loreal Infallible Eye shadows

Hi girls,

This Diwali, my elder sister gifted me an L’oreal Infallible eye shadow. I had a great experience with this product from L’oreal. Though it looks like a powder, yet it brushes on, just like a cream. For the scorching summer days, when your eye shadows melts away, before you make it to work, for those issues, This product is the best suited. I give it a thumps up.

No need of multiple layers to get a lot of color. The thick paste like consistency of the product makes it to blend in.

Product Description

Loreal Infallible Eye shadows

Loreal Infallible Eye shadows

The L’oreal Infallible Eye shadow has been specifically formulated for long wear. It is not supposed to settle into lines, eyelid creases, fade or budge when wet. It is even made suitable for all types of skin tones. The product has been specially designed to provide an overall 24 hours protection.

Direction for use

Though the product comes in dusty look, yet it melts on the skin easily. So don’t panic. Try out at least three shades of eye shadows together at a time. Several different looks require a light, medium, as well as a dark eye shadow.
You may also use neutral shades to add touch ups.

Loreal Infallible Eye shadows

Loreal Infallible Eye shadows


Well I received this product of L’oreal as a gift. But the product is available online and is priced around $7.00 to $8.00. But I couldn’t find any availability in the Indian Market.


The product comes in a unique packaging. The product comes in a transparent plastic packaging and has a black plastic separator inside; apart from the lid. The good thing about the packaging is the color of the lid and the transparent bottom which makes it easy to identify, if you have many of the similar kind. But the packaging does not include an applicator or a mirror either.

Loreal Infallible Eye shadows

Loreal Infallible Eye shadows



The L’oreal eye shadow is available in several shades. Though it has a powdery look, it melts on the skin and hence you don’t have to apply thicker to get a blend.

Key Ingredients

  • Cyclohexasiloxane,
  • Silica
  • Chromium Oxide Greens
  • Talc
  • Isododecane
  • Aluminium Powder
    Loreal Infallible Eye shadows

    Loreal Infallible Eye shadows

Pros of Loreal Infallible Eye shadows

  • Highly pigmented
  • Long lasting
  • Great color
  • Applies Smoothly
  • Crease resistant

Cons of Loreal Infallible Eye shadows

The product has only one demerits that the use of chemical agents in the make of this product. Furthermore, the availability of the product is also not smooth in the market.

My Experience

After I used this product, I noticed that the formula stays put for around 13 to 14 hours on my oily lids without any primer. It is the longest wearing eye shadow I have ever tried. The wear time is what matters the most for me.

This product from L’oreal is truly very much soft and pigmented. It melts gently on the skin, without any difficulty. It even doesn’t even settle on the lines or the creases.

Loreal Infallible Eye shadows

Loreal Infallible Eye shadows


I had a superb experience with this product and would rate it: 4/5

Whether I would recommend this product again

Well, though there are few small drawbacks in the L’oreal Infallible Eye shadow, but yet, it is an awesome project after all. The wear time and the pricing of the product are also quite amazing.
One can easily get a substantial amount of 3.5 grams at such a reasonable price.


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